As security challenges increase, operators need to ensure the development of future-proof strategies for defending cyber threats.

Apart from working with telecom service providers ACL Digital has also worked with cybersecurity OEMs to virtualize their appliances enabling them to deliver perimeter attack mitigation in the cloud and on-premise environments.



Security Virtualization
ACL Digital helps customers virtualize their networks to provide dynamic and automated security in order to accommodate the scope and potential speeds of 5G networks. This enables customers to complement and update security policies to counter unknown threats and newly evolved attack strategies.
Manage Detection and Response
With the help of machine learning, ACL Digital helps its customers interpret their data at scale and within the accelerated timelines needed for response. Thereby enabling customers to make security assessment decisions based on contextual information.
Risk Advisory
The synergy between regulatory compliance and business operations can be difficult if multiple regulations and compliance needs are needed for business continuity. ACL Digital helps customers successfully design and implement an integrated compliance program to ensure information security and privacy.


Managed Security Services

  • Security Device Management
  • Data Protection & Privacy Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Cloud Security Services

Consulting Services

  • Cyber Threat Assessment
  • IT Security Strategy & Roadmap Definition
  • Forensic & Advisory Services
  • Governance, Risk Compliance & Control

Security Verification

  • Application Threat Modeling
  • Code Review, API Development & Integration
  • Application Security Testing

Transformation Services

  • Threat Intelligence Service
  • Security Automation & Orchestration
  • Security Analytics