Digital health takes the center stage and plays a more critical role in mitigating health systems’ vulnerabilities, assessing, and managing population risks, providing quality care in critical settings, and enabling a more precise and effective ecosystem response to future healthcare challenges.

ACL Digital helps you leverage the power of next-generation digital health innovations & technologies to seize every significant opportunity in promoting better and affordable care. We help customers value-based care delivery models across care continuum leveraging digital technologies like:

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • AI & Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Patient Experience Design
Overview-Digital Healthcare

Some of our key Digital Health Offerings include

​​​​​​Social, IoT & Mobile Apps

  • Wellness Management
  • Patient Vitals Monitoring, Medication Administration
  • Hospital Workflows (Lab, Pharmacy, Billing)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Social Care Collaboration Platforms
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Wearable & Implantable device management
  • Smart Patient Identification

AI & Analytics

  • Preventive, Diagnosis, Early Detection and Accurate Decisions through AI
  • Predictive health analytics & Data science
  • AI Conversational Platforms for nurses, hospital staff & Admin
  • AI Backoffice Automation
  • Precision medicine
  • Patient Readmissions
  • Claims and Provider Analytics
  • Genomics data analysis


Patient Experience & Engagement Platforms

  • Patient engagement workflows - web, mobile, chat, and IoT devices
  • Telemedicine, Home healthcare Apps