ACL Digital’s comprehensive suite of PHM solutions and service offerings leverage data infrastructure, analytics to enable healthcare organizations to predict what will happen within a population. It also engages the person, their family, and the care teams to take action and manage outcomes to improve care.

We leverage Connected Healthcare framework to transform Population Health platforms by incorporating newer features such as

  • Social Care
  • Digital training platforms
  • Patient Experience portals
  • Home Healthcare 
  • Remote Patient Care/Telemedicine 
  • Wellness/Preventive Healthcare
  • Enhanced security, easy interoperability, configurable rules for data acquisition and mapping
Overview-Population Health Management

ACL Digital provides a futuristic roadmap for population health management companies by helping them develop and integrate Security, Data Management, Workflow & Rules Engine, Care coordination and Interoperability layers that sit over the core Population Health Analytical engine.

Some of the key highlights of our services to Population Health management companies include

  • Population Health Dashboards 
  • Data Aggregation & Integration
  • 360-degree patient care
  • Patient communication & collaboration
  • Risk stratification, evaluation & remediation
  • Chronic care management, Disease Management