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ALTEN Calsoft Labs Signs Partnership with Machine Learning Company – Bayestree Intelligence

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April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018   Santa Clara, USA

Today, ALTEN Calsoft Labs – An ALTEN Group Company, a leader in Technology Consulting and Product Engineering, has announced its partnership with a Machine Learning Company Bayestree Intelligence. The partnership will help transform and automate IT Service Management of ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ enterprise customers based out of USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

ALEN Calsoft labs (ACL) is a digital transformation company leveraging AI, ML and IoT to create new solutions and services that are opening up business opportunities and creating new business models for customers.

Bayestree has a unique product ‘Sentient’ that assists Tier-1 product and business support teams, resolve customer issues automatically using advanced machine learning (ML) techniques. Sentient analyses historical data issues, passed resolutions as well as data collected from other related sources to learn, model and resolve. Sentient runs patent pending ML algorithms on customer’s issues or ticket data to train its model that is capable of drawing inferences as well as making predictions. Sentient can be transformative for customer support teams – across banks, insurance companies, healthcare, automobile, oil and gas, e-commerce, retail, citizen services or even datacentre/IT operations. Sentient transforms the customer service function in 3 distinct ways – Resolve, Evolve and Involve. Sentient strictly follows an on premise or customer approved cloud based installation strategy so as to steer clear of confidentiality and data residency issues.

“This partnership strengthens our current AI initiatives and will help our existing customers located across USA, Europe and Asia Pacific relook at their customer service costs. We are already moving our internal IT function onto the sentient platform to draw the same benefit we are going to offer to our customers. In time, we will have more such partnerships with product companies with distinctive technologies as we cover the entire Digital Transformation space and get the best of technologies for creating sustainable impact for our customers” states Ramandeep Singh, CEO, ALTEN Calsoft Labs “We are excited to work with ALTEN Calsoft Labs and look forward to transforming enterprise customer services”, states Avijit Biswas, CEO, Bayestree Intelligence.

Some of the projects where ALTEN Calsoft Labs and Bayestree Intelligence started working on:

  • High monthly volumes of L1 tickets (~9000) processed using Sentient for one of the Fortune 500 global company
  • IT service management transformation of one of the mid-size US company

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has also developed an in-house AI driven analytics and visualization platform – BOLT that has the capability to process large volume of data at great speed and high accuracy to help enterprises derive actionable insights at minimal cost. The Platform has many build-in Machine learning algorithms that can perform multiple Integrated NLP based tasks. ACL has also setup Artificial Intelligence CoE with over 100 plus people working on newer technologies such as Blockchain, DevOps, NLP, Machine Learning and Data Science.

About Bayestree Intelligence

Bayestree Intelligence is a ML/AI based enterprise software product start-up based out of Santa Clara, USA and Bangalore & Hyderabad, India. Its founders bring together decades of machine learning experience coupled with deep knowledge of enterprise applications and process transformation. Bayestree delivers transformative impact using patent pending proprietary cognitive algorithms.

About ALTEN Calsoft Labs

ALTEN Calsoft Labs (ACL) is a digital transformation, technology consulting and engineering services company. The Company offers Consulting, Enterprise IT and Product Engineering Services , in verticals like Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare , Networking & Telecom , High-Tech, ISV and Retail . ACL enables enterprises to Innovate, Integrate, and Transform their business by leveraging disruptive technologies like Cloud, Mobility , Analytics and Software-defined Networking (SDN/NFV).