Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, and brands need hyper-personalized, intelligent content that draws people’s attention, engage them and make them want your products and services. We have helped our clients, belonging to diverse industries, build, execute and operationalize futuristic Digital Marketing programs. Digital Marketing today is the amalgamation of many aspects that enable Reach, Engagement and Conversions. It includes Strategy, Digital Channels, Touchpoints, real-time Analytics, and Advertisements across a plethora of digital devices.

At the core of Digital Marketing is our Design Thinking led understanding of customer behavior, ecosystem, needs and challenges that help you build contextual, personalized campaigns and strong robust Digital Marketing assets, delivering high marketing RoI. We address marketing needs across both B2B and B2C organizations with its unique Persona & Outcome driven marketing solutions.

Overview-Digital Marketing



ACL Digital provides comprehensive capabilities covering all aspects of B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Solutions. These include

Digital Marketing Audit & Assessment
We enable organizations to chart an objective led roadmap based on the understanding of strategic focus areas, key result areas, current weaknesses, and available resources. We provide actionable insights to leverage key Digital Marketing Areas such as SEO, Content, Social Media, and Marketing Automation.
Market Research & Strategy
We enable organizations in the entire Go-To-Market Strategy concerning both Products and Services for B2B and B2C spaces. ACL Digital provides Primary & Secondary Market Research, Competitor Assessment and Analysis, Marketing channel strategy, Stakeholder Interviews & End-User Surveys, and Messaging strategy.
Digital Marketing Engagement
We engage with the customers at all Digital touchpoints and focus on building relationships by actively involving them in marketing programs and content. By creating personas and mapping the customer journey, we make sure we deliver relevant content at the right time to improve customer experience and engagement. The critical channels used for improving engagement are SEO/Content marketing, email, mobile and social media.
Marketing Platform Solutions
Catering to large and small organization needs, building comprehensive large-scale Marketing Automation Platforms such as Oracle CX Suite or be-spoke automation tools such as SEMrush, Yoast, Drift, LinkedIn, Google Ad, MailChimp campaigns and many others.
Conversational Marketing
Conversational marketing helps you differentiate on customer experience by being ready whenever your customers are ready. We work with some of the top conversational marketing tools available in the market enabling you to build high effective and engaging Marketing Playbooks via Chatbots.
Marketing Analytics
ACL Digital offers full-stack marketing analytics to manage integrated marketing automation capabilities, one-time marketing audits that help you focus and strategize or ongoing-marketing operating dashboard. This cover, but are not limited to market, competitor, channel, brand and Campaign analytics.


Customers are continually engaging with new content and channels across digital assets. ACL Digital helps you create, manage, and target relevant content both for B2B and B2C businesses across the customer lifecycle of attracting, nurture, convert, manage, and retain.

We provide a complete range of digital marketing services that cover business and enterprise requirements to enable the delivery of the right message at the right time to people who are interested in your products and services. Our Digital Experience team understands your revenue drivers and help create new revenue and customer funnels.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Brand Creation and Management
  • Content Creation, Design & Publishing
  • Demand Generation
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation Implementation Services
  • Marketing Operations & Campaign management
  • Marketing and Brand Analytics