As service providers define the way network edge evolve to deliver new services for Digital Transformation, it becomes imperative that IP services and routing functions need to provide better end user experience.  With the drastic expansion of Small sites/Branch offices, RAN disaggregation and Network virtualization will be needed and compute resources will move closer to edge to deliver low latency services.  Routing functions is used in applications ranging from uCPE to RAN sharing and network slicing to crosshaul.

ACL Digital’s vRouter framework is a router and network services platform in virtual form factor that is intended for deployment in cloud and virtual data centers. It’s a customizable framework allows key routing functions to be instantiated as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). It is optimized to serve as a single-tenant or multitenant WAN gateway. vRouter framework enables enterprises to transparently extend their WANs into external provider-hosted clouds and cloud providers to offer their tenants enterprise-class networking services. Some of the features of ACL Digital’s Cloud Service Router are:

  • Rapid deployment and Service Orchestration
  • Enterprise wide Network extension to the cloud
  • Consolidation of Network functions
Overview-Cloud Services Router



Support both Static and Dynamic ( OSPF, BGP, RIP ) routing functions


Enables service providers to offer an end-to-end managed connectivity


Connects Branch and remote sites directly to its cloud deployment