ACL Digital provides multi-cloud security services to enterprise customers. We can extend API integration with leading cloud service providers to manage a distributed IT environment which delivers a more robust security service for the cloud environment.

Overview-Cloud Security Services


SIEM – as – a Service

We provide security incident monitoring and event management services in a SaaS-based model.

This service consists of threat detection and response, asset monitoring, compliance management, and vulnerability scanning services to organizations in a pay-as-you-grow model.

Our log management module stores and collects data from private and public cloud environments. At the same time, security analytics investigates incidents by pivoting on anomalous detection and tracing associated activities and events.

Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) Service

Our CASB services manage the Distributed IT environment in a single pane of glass. We extend the services to leading cloud providers and API integration for third-party services.

As part of the CASB Services, we offer:

  • Cloud Asset Activity Monitoring: For capturing users and applications activities to support post-incident investigations and forensics
  • Insider Threat Analysis: To detect activity signaling and malicious behavior leveraging a machine learning-based algorithm
  • User Analytics: To identify excessive user permissions, inactive accounts, inappropriate access, and unwarranted escalation of privileged and dormant user accounts

Cloud Risk Assessment

Cloud risk assessment services define the strategy to:

  • Identify unforeseen risks due to the complex and changing nature of cloud services
  • Define road map to cloud security strategy
  • Devise risk assessment methodology to gauge risk levels and provide risk scores

Identity and Access Management

Our privileged identity and access management services provide secure access to privileged accounts and manage data sources in a multi-cloud environment.

Cloud-based privileged identity and access management services can:

  • Offer a scalable and tamper-proof environment to counter any sophisticated insider or outsider threat
  • Automate tracking and provisioning of access, reduce manual interventions, and quickly meet compliance standards
  • Monitor user activity and maintain searchable audit trails