Collecting data from the assets and managing the logs for historical analysis is a fundamental component of solid enterprise security architecture. Enterprises that cannot retain the log data can create security blind spots, prevent compliance, or leave the organization vulnerable to attacks. Data Lake is designed for scalability and extensibility with ever-growing costs, providing secure data storage at a reasonable price.

The Open Data Lake model provides contextual log parsing to help security analysts quickly find the information they need for an incident response without combing through a sea of raw logs. ACL Digital’s Data Lake is an open model built on Commodity Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware. It’s extensible and scalable to handle a large volume of data.

  • An open data platform that ingests hundreds of terabytes per day
  • Supports economic long-term data retention
  • Maintains a single copy of your data in an open data format
  • Supports API integration with cloud applications
  • Provides identity-based pricing
Infographic Security Data Lake


enriched data with contextual information rpa

Super enriched data with contextual information

Meaningful security insights rpa

Meaningful security insights

 visualization, analysis and reporting rpa

Single source of data for visualization, analysis and reporting