SOAR solutions enable security analysts to automate alert responses by modeling and orchestrating the workflow configurations across multiple tools. SOAR employs a combination of technical capabilities and built-in processes to automate manual and time-consuming security management tasks. SOAR platform delivers centralized security operations by orchestrating incident response tasks through a two-way integration with a broad range of third-party security tools.


Infographic SOAR Platform

ACL Digital’s SOAR solution offers a comprehensive set of functionalities that includes:


Automation - To execute a sequence of tasks related to a security workflow without human intervention.

Orchestration – Invoking functionality from multiple independent security systems to execute a security workflow.

Case Management – A centralized capability that manages all aspects of a security incident or alert. It includes a user interface with a complete view of all aspects of the case.

Reporting and Analytics – A built-in or integrated third-party tool that enables the security team to report on incidents or cases in progress, alert levels, threat intelligence, and so forth.


 single console to monitor rpa

Security analysts can view a single console to monitor

platforms including SIEMs, IDS/IPSs, FWs, EDRs rpa

Interpret and respond to data generated by a broad range of platforms, including SIEMs, IDS/IPSs, FWs, EDRs, and others