UEBA solution identifies insider threats that traditional correlation-based security monitoring tools (SIEM) cannot detect. ACL Digital’s UEBA solution is designed to report the behavior of entities and users in a network. It helps to detect, monitor, and send alerts of anomalies.

We have developed out-of-the-box use cases delivered as threat models and built-in connectors that enable rapid deployment and quick time to value.

  • A comprehensive profile of every entity in your environment: users, IP addresses, and hosts
  • Real-time enrichment of events with entity context, including identity, asset, geolocation, threat intelligence, and data from lookup tables
  • Point-in-time IP attribution ties dynamic IP addresses to entities
Infographic User Entity Behavior Analysis


Analyze and correlate interactions rpa

Analyze and correlate interactions between users, systems, applications, IP addresses, and data

Rpa efficiencies

Investigate and respond to threats quickly, accurately, and efficiently

order to identify outliers rpa

Creates baselines in order to identify outliers