ACL Digital Helps Leading Medical Supply Manufacturer Develop a Digital App




Digital Experience




The client is a leading manufacturer of sterilized procedure kits for various specialized healthcare providers in 100+ countries via direct field sales network and channel partners. The client had an interactive sales process with B2B customers(hospitals) involving the selection of various components (from over 3500+ products) for each type of procedure known as 'CombiSets'. The client required a comprehensive digital sales enablement solution for a standardized, efficient, and effective sales process for CombiSets/surgical kits. The project's main goal was to configure high-value CombiSets, increase their upselling, and enhance the user experience by providing a compelling and intuitive iPad application to find appropriate content required for CombiSets configuration





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Lack of an on-demand capability for the sales team on the ground (in hospitals) to display, demonstrate and customize the CombiSets.

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The use of legacy systems like Lotus Notes by the Sales team was impacting growth as well as causing errors due to the manual ordering process

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Non-availability of the necessary customization required due to offline ordering system

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Non-availability of quick access to the catalogue information for specific components such as scissors, scalpel, surgical blades, forceps, etc

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Non-availability of real-time data and overall stats such as product catalogue, sales, phased out products, and more.

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Difficulty in identifying and removing phased out products from the CombiSets.

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Need for continuous knowledge upgradation and knowledge sharing by field sales team due to evolving best practices in the healthcare industry








  • Reduction in the sales cycle: In-app creation and visualization of CombiSets for surgical procedures in an interactive discussion/sales consultation, real-time access and update of knowledge base & SOPs available as a sales toolkit at the fingertips of the sales personnel helped them reduce the sales cycle substantially
  • Higher sales margin: Real-time availability of previous order history and price information helped the sales rep with better sales negotiations and maintaining a higher sales margin.
  • Automated and productive ordering process: The solution helped the customer with digital order placement at the end of the process and automatic order creation in SAP and downstream systems, enabling sales representatives to collaborate with Hospital managers on-site to capture their product requirements without any hassles.
  • Improved sales and surgical procedure efficiency: Real-time update of available parts catalogue, pricing, and lead time to deliver helped sales rep improve efficiency, allowing more informed choices. CombiSet and Mediset have also simplified treatments and surgeries as well as prep time and reduced time-pressured errors.
  • Offline access to information through continuous data synchronization: Access to CombiSets for different surgical requirements with images and specifics even in areas with low or zero connectivity. The sales enablement platform helped the sales team get all the required information anytime, anywhere without carrying a manual.
  • No language barrier: The multilingual app can be accessed by sales associates from across different locations without any language hurdle