Automation for Enterprise Business of a Fortune 500 Company


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The client is one of the largest Global and India conglomerates with businesses traversing energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. It’s a Fortune 500, highly profitable company with a market capitalization exceeding $100bn. Amongst its many offices, the client also owns one of the largest sprawling campuses in the financial capital of India.

ACL Digital is engaged with enabling and transforming multiple teams within this conglomerate. The Automation solutions provided by ACL to the client has immediate positive impact on multiple industries such as Hotel, Hospital, Offices, Education Institutions etc. 

One of the team which we facilitated is the client’s enterprise network and security team: IDC (Integrated Data Centre) that enables 10,000+ employees. 

  1. IDC handles all the infra/ firewalls, Wi-Fi devices, Wi-Fi and LAN access 

  2. IDC team provides network access to Enterprise teams of the conglomerate: Retail, Hospital, Schools, Colleges, Petro IT, Hydrocarbon gets enabled by the IDC team for access to Network, VPN, Lan, Wi-Fi etc. 

Automation for Enterprise Business

The Challenge

With its vast employee and engagement facets, the client had multiple challenges on business to technology coherence, scalability and agility. The client was seeking to use Automation to enable the large teams, vendors, partners etc. Two of the key automation challenges were:


VPN access challenge

VPN access challenge
Pain areas were continuous follow ups, time taken for VPN access to clients. Manual efforts were very high and it was error prone. All the service requests were being captured on excel sheets.

Wi-Fi & Device Access

Wi-Fi & Device Access
Access needed to be provided manually to customers and end users for Wi-Fi, Printers, Projectors etc. For example: Hospital patients and their relatives. For Guests, visitors, consulting/temporary employees to the Enterprise Offices & Campuses the provisioning of Wi-Fi was usually not possible, unless specific requests were provided, and it took a long time thus inconveniencing and not enabling any visitors for meetings etc. 




The following were the benefits delivered through these automations to the client:



VPN Provisioning Automation

  • Faster Provisioning: 95% faster resolution

  • Automation of Reminder emails led to lowered efforts. No manual follow-ups required

  • Auto provisioning of user in the specific groups

  • Auto- decommissioning of the users

Wi-Fi Access Provisioning

  • Faster Provisioning

  • Zero manual efforts

  • Access tracking and reporting brining greater transparency and accountability

  • Dynamic Access quota and site restrictions can be applied