Connected Accessories and Personalized Bathing Solutions Aided North America-Based Company Increase Market Share




Home Automation



ACL Digital collaborated with a North America-based supplier and manufacturer of bathroom accessories to transform their business and offer enhanced value to customers. The client's goal was to increase market share by providing connected accessories that offer a personalized and convenient bathing experience. The solution aimed to connect common bathroom fixtures over Wi-Fi, allowing users to customize settings through a mobile app.

Connected Accessories-Overview




Seamless Integration


Seamless Integration: Integrating bathroom fixtures and sensors with HomeBridge architecture posed communication and compatibility challenges

Customized Firmware Development


Customized Firmware Development: Designing tailored firmware for HomeBridge and 3rd-party cloud integration required overcoming technical complexities

Connectivity and Communication


Connectivity and Communication: Ensuring reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for bathroom fixtures and sensors demanded continuous communication


Remote Accessibility


Remote Accessibility: Enabling secure remote control through the cloud required robust security measures

User Experience Optimization


User Experience Optimization:Integrating features like automatic door control, temperature, humidity adjustments, and lighting demanded extensive user testing for an intuitive experience






  • Helped client in positioning in the market from just selling the bathroom accessories to providing the personalized bathroom experience with connected devices
  • Saved user time and improved experience by managing the bathroom remotely