ACL Digital’s proven ability to transform how organizations of varying sizes design, shape, safeguard, and automate their cloud services makes it an unmatched consulting partner in their digital transformation journey. As an AWS Solution Provider, we assist you in the end-to-end adoption, migration, and modernization of your existing IT infrastructure. We provide holistic assistance to accelerate your business on AWS with superior architecture, security, migration, and operational services. We solve your most complex and transformative cloud challenges through cloud consulting, migration efficient core modernization to realize the full benefits of AWS.

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner-Overview

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

With our deep, industry-specific expertise and experience on AWS products and solutions, we help enterprises implement cloud-based SaaS solutions, manage cloud-connected devices, application and database migration, analytics, and more. Our vast array of AWS services cater to a variety of applications/use-cases such as the Internet of Things, Data and Analytics, Content Delivery, AI/ML, Business Applications, Backup, and Restore.

No matter where you are on your AWS cloud journey, our team of certified experts can help you navigate through the complexities of migrations from legacy applications and build well-architected cloud solutions that enhance productivity, reduce time-to-market, maximize enterprise-wide transformation at speed, and improves business processes with minimal overheads and infrastructure costs


At ACL Digital, we adopt a comprehensive, secure, and highly efficient approach to help you design your AWS cloud technology roadmap and amplify a dynamic response to market opportunities. We leverage its in-depth and cross-industry skills to deliver the following AWS-based service offerings:

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Strategy
Cloud Migration Strategy
Cloud Security Strategy
Disaster & Recovery Strategy


Message Brokers
Device Gateway
Rule Engine
Edge Computing
Amazon FreeRTOS
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Build, Train, Deploy Models
Addition of AI Services
Deep Learning Frameworks
Image, Video, Doc. Analysis
Application DevOps

Application DevOps

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Cloud Automation & Tooling
Site Reliability Engineering
CI & CD Pipelines
Monitoring Dashboards & Alerts
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Architecture & Implementation
Cloud Administration & Monitoring
Cost Optimization
Performance Optimization
High Availability
Backup & Recovery
Content Delivery
Cloud Security & Compliance

Cloud Security & Compliance

Security Audit & Penetration Testing
Identity Access Management
Cloud Network Security
HIPAA Compliance
CFR 21
Data Privacy & Protection
Incident Response & Monitoring
Product Development & Modernization

Product Development & Modernization

Architecture Consulting
SaaS Application Design & Development
Product Modernization
Platforms & Frameworks for Cloud & Security Management
Micro Services Development
Event-Driven Serverless Applications
API Development & Management
Application Deployment
Big Data & AI/ML Development

Big Data & AI/ML Development

ETL/ELT on Data Lakes
Pipeline Orchestration
Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
Data Quality Visualization
Streaming Data Ingestion & Analytics
ML Models
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Text Analysis & Text-To-Speech
Computer Vision
Dashboards & Interactive Visualizations

ACL Digital AWS Service Delivery Offerings

ACL Digital offers comprehensive cloud solution engineering and consulting services on AWS, from architecture design to app development. We have built certified AWS expertise in the following services:

Amazon CloudFront Delivery

Amazon CloudFront Delivery

  • Deliver fast and secure websites
  • Accelerate dynamic content delivery and APIs
  • Distribute patches and updates
  • Live streaming and on-demand videos
AWS IoT Core Delivery

AWS IoT Core Delivery

  • Manage 1M+ IoT devices
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Scaling/de-scaling devices
  • Low latency & high throughput
Amazon Kinesis Delivery

Amazon Kinesis Delivery

  • Manage real-time data & video streaming
  • Complete data analysis & management
  • Integrate & store data in AWS S3, Redshift, DataLake, or Elastic Storage
Amazon DynamoDB Delivery

Amazon DynamoDB Delivery

  • Achieve app delivery with single-digit millisecond performance
  • Guaranteed SLA with 99.9999% availability
  • Serverless database that scales up/down as required 
  • Easy integration with other services for analytics, insights, and data trends
AWS Lambda Delivery

AWS Lambda Delivery

  • Build Serverless backends for web, mobile, and IoT
  • Preprocess structured/unstructured data for ML models
  • Develop event-driven functions for complex solutions 
  • Easy integration with other services that helps in 
  • developing secure and stable user experiences
Amazon API Gateway Delivery

Amazon API Gateway Delivery

  • Efficient API development for ML-based applications
  • Web application for customized IoT dashboard
  • Integration of API Gateway with AWS Cognito and AWS Lambda 
  • Managed authentication & secured the RESTful APIs
AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation

  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaaS) service
  • Manage the entire cloud infrastructure with DevOps
  • Easily scale productions stacks

Accelerate your cloud transformation journey with ACL Digital’s AWS Experts 

ACL Digital's partnership at the Advanced Tier level provides exclusive access to the AWS Technical team, ensuring robust support across a wide range of best practices. As an Advanced Tier Partner, we are recognized for our ability to create demos that captivate or minimize upfront costs for brands. Our comprehensive cloud development services cover every facet of your AWS cloud platform needs. We expertly tackle a diverse array of challenges: from implementation and integration to deployment and management of cloud-based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions, all designed to unlock unprecedented growth opportunities. Bolstered by a roster of 100+ AWS certified experts, we empower our clients to rapidly advance on their digital journeys.


1200+ People Global Strength


AWS certified developer

10+ AWS certified solutions architect


AWS certified solutions architect

5+ AWS service delivery recognition


AWS service delivery recognition

10+ AWS certified ML expert


AWS certified ML expert

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