As healthcare organizations around the world increase the pace of innovation to respond to dynamic market changes, cope up with disruptions, they need to have the right partner to help deliver connected patient experiences. Modern day Health systems and Products have the opportunity to leverage data and technology to deliver the best remote and in-person care to all patients.

ACL Digital is a leading provider of digital solutions to the Healthcare industry. We have been helping organizations in  HealthTech, MedTech, Payers, Providers, Hospital chains and other players across the Healthcare value chain overcome challenges of moving to the next generation of Digital ecosystem with Products & Solutions that increase revenues, reach, efficiency and reduces costs. ACL’s domain knowledge in Digital Healthcare ecosystem coupled with experience and capabilities in Digital Product Engineering & Innovation, Integration & Interoperability, SaaS solutions, Automation, Cloud, IT and Managed Infrastructure offerings help you

  • Design, implement and adopt digital platforms
  • Enhance your Digital and IT landscape
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs
  • Enable ISVs to expand Health & MedTech offerings and product modernization.

Some of the engineered solutions and products delivered to the Healthcare industry leaders globally are

  • Healthcare Information System (HIS) with patient management, department and financial modules.
  • Digital Health Cloud Platform
  • Health Tech Sales Order App
  • Hygiene Monitoring and Care solutions
  • Patient Experience & Remote Health Monitoring
  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Population Health Management (PHM) platform
  • Incident and Safety Management Solutions for Pharmacies
  • Omnicare Managed Suite




We offer the following solutions to the Healthcare industry.

FHIR Framework
Leveraging FHIR, we help our customers break down data siloes in their organizations and develop interoperability specification for the exchange of healthcare information electronically.
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NLP Framework for Clinical Notes
NLP framework helps the healthcare service providers to capture the patient journey accurately across the care delivery cycle and all major EHR platforms.
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Remote Patient Monitoring
The Remote Patient Monitoring System with an intuitive user interface and integration of various tools helps in monitoring a patient from a remote location without having the need to travel to their home.
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Healthcare IoT Platform
The ToT framework is a Wi-Fi connected platform that is designed to simplify Healthcare facilities management, including critical equipment monitoring, Lighting, HVAC, security, and awareness by controlling connected devices within a single app.
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Population Health Management
ACL Digital has specialized expertise in connecting traditional locales, care continuum, and information about a person's lifestyle to empower individuals in managing care coordination and delivery.
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ACL Digital offers a comprehensive range of services for the Healthcare industry to enhance and refine operational processes, while improving patient experience and reducing costs.