Embedded systems and semiconductor technology have converged, paving the way for a transformative future that reshapes our interactions with the world. The semiconductor industry's continuous innovation and turnkey chip design are empowering custom solutions, ushering in an exciting era of technological breakthroughs that create a smarter and highly connected world. At ACL Digital, we cater to the demands of high performance, complexity, cost-effectiveness, and reliable hardware and software components for OEMs and Enterprises alike.

ACL Digital empowers your chip design journey with a full spectrum of services, spanning VLSI IPs, ASICs, SoCs, and FPGAs. From architecture to RTL design, verification, and GDSII, our engineering team stands at the forefront of innovation, equipped to design cutting-edge chips that cater to rapid development demands and industry scalability. With a focus on low power, high speed, and area-efficient designs, we deliver advanced solutions globally.

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Key Highlights of our Semiconductor Practice

We have in-house capabilities to build next-generation semiconductor solutions, from initial chip design to cutting-edge silicon and embedded software, driven by constant innovation and technical competence. At ACL Digital, we seamlessly integrate design and test engineering processes, enabling our customers to design & develop new solutions with optimized costs and maximized performance. 



15+ years of Sustained Growth

15+ years

of Sustained Growth

10+ years Association with ALTEN

10+ years

Association with ALTEN

1200+ People Global Strength

1200+ People

Global Strength


5+ Global Partnerships

5+ Global Partnerships

with Semiconductor Giants

5000+ Designs

5000+ Designs


8 Locations Design & Delivery Centers

8 Locations

Design & Delivery Centers


ACL Digital provides end-to-end services from chip design, verification, IP integration, and embedded software solutions, enabling clients to achieve the highest ROI on R&D investments and driving a new era of technological advancement.

VLSI Design and Engineering

VLSI Design and Engineering

Elevate your projects with our advanced VLSI solutions and engineering prowess. From RTL design and architecture to FIP and more, our experts have unmatched technological excellence in delivering top-of-the-line solutions for your unique requirements.
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Silicon Embedded Engineering

Silicon Embedded Engineering

Empower your innovations with comprehensive silicon-embedded engineering capabilities. ACL Digital offers a complete suite of services from pre-silicon to post-silicon validation, solution engineering, pro-support/IDH, and more
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