With organizations being swept away by digital transformation worldwide, the convergence of talent, technology, and work optimization is at play in today’s business landscape. Talent is engaged in innovative ways, and work is optimized via project alignment and skillsets rather than costs and budgets. Most importantly, the complete suite of talent solutions - from talent acquisition to fully outsourced workforce management, is managed through a new range of innovative platforms that drive agility, flexibility, and visibility.

At ACL Digital, we identify and understand talent better. Our network of specialized companies leverages mature world-class processes for attracting and retaining the best-fit talent in line with the organization’s vision and goals.

The essential aspect of our Talent360 degree approach includes the following:

  • Deep understanding of the labor market
  • Understanding the customer better with our design-led approach
  • Strategically sourcing talent
  • Thorough screening of every candidate
  • Onboarding & retention support

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Staffing & Professional Services


Access to the right talent to grow your business is a crucial mandate in a changing workforce landscape. ACL Digital reimagines how work gets done by redefining the skill sets through full-cycle contingent and permanent staffing offerings. We empower customers with the right talent acquisition and management strategies, allowing them to turbocharge business transformation and growth. Our innovative, culture-driven staffing services and solutions include:

Contingent Staffing
Secure the best talent for long- and short-term IT & non-IT staffing needs using our global on-demand talent solutions.
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Statement of Work (SOW) based staffing
Holistic SOW management services develop and define a process for ensuring contracts are appropriately created, vendors are adequately engaged, and work is delivered.

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MSP Staffing
We are MSP/VMS staffing specialists with proven credentials in controlling costs, confirming robust compliance, and shaping the future of your contingent workforce programs.
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