Staying on top of technology is not by chance but by choice. It depends on how you react to dynamic and ever-changing market requirements and even foresee what your customers might want to stay ahead. As you understand, hardware engineering is not constrained to board design, connectivity, certification, or testing and validation. But it involves combining different modules into cost-efficient and methodological platforms facilitating unified interoperability of the entire system/product.

Whether you need the technology/resources to develop future-ready products or expertise to manage complex software/hardware/cloud systems, we have covered you. From the initial architecture stage to manufacturing support, ACL Digital’s comprehensive hardware design and development services are ideal for building products from concept to production and for your smart connected products.



Future-ready Hardware Engineering Services and Solutions


The emergence of newer technologies and one-size-fits-all methodologies is rapidly evolving to meet growing customer demands. If you are looking to bring new technology to life in a short time, then look no further than ACL Digital. From the conceptualization stage to providing re-engineered tailored solutions, we have an array of service portfolio offerings supporting design, prototyping, mass production, and certification. Our highly experienced engineers leverage advanced technologies and labs to quickly design, validate, build and test your products.

With ACL Digital’s team of design specialists serving as an extension of your team, you can work on your core differentiators and get the right products and solutions by reducing time to market and without compromising performance or quality.



Hardware Engineering Expertise


  • Hardware design services including architecture, schematics, layout, and Class A component selection for Industrial/Automotive/Commercial design
  • Pre-compliance testing including vibration, thermal, EMI/EMC, interference, and more
  • ROM estimation and BOM optimization
  • Building low power consumption and efficient battery-managed devices
  • RF design: Multi-radios design, RF simulation, tuning, and antenna customization
  • Mechanical design/Enclosure designing for products
  • Designing IoT gateway, edge nodes, sensors, and hardware interfaces
  • Board Design: Multi-layer, HDI, Flex, Flex-Rigid for high-speed, battery-operated, signal integrity, and space-constrained designs
  • Region-specific certifications such as FCC, CE, ROHS, UL, REACH


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