Transform Learner Experience

ACL Digital brings innovative & engaging learning solutions to schools, colleges, universities, and Ed-tech organizations. We integrate our knowledge in education with digital innovation and engineering expertise to improve learner experience and streamline administrative operations.

ACL Digital enhances the learner experience inside and outside your classroom by creating intelligent digital ecosystems that allow them to teach and learn across various channels seamlessly. We personalize omni-channel experience across the student lifecycle by building custom learning experience platforms and mobile learning. This strengthens the whole process including the lead to enrollment conversion, academic performance, and alumni relationships.

Enhance learner experience with the emerging, immersive and cognitive technologies such as AI and machine learning, data and intelligence, AR/VR, portal development, etc., that transforms them to be a future ready workforce.


Education Overview

 We Understand the Students Life Cycle 

Our digital education experience covers the needs of all stakeholders - students, teachers, parents, administrators and alumni with various digital tools to streamline student environment to campus recruitment.


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Education Expertise

We build our capabilities around Business, Experience, Technology, and Delivery. We provide end-to-end full customer experience solutions spread across different domains.

Prospective Learner Solutions 

Solutions to reach and build relationships with prospective learners, and solutions to drive the enrolment strategy and goals.

  • Course listings
  • Outreach and promotions via social platforms
  • Readiness assessments
  • Application management
  • Screening & evaluations
  • Lead management
  • Analytics and reporting for admissions Team
Academic Planning Systems

Academic Planning Systems

Identify and ensure the needs of learners and align it with institution’s mission, long-term & short-terms goals by carrying out key planning activities.

  • Programs and services 
  • Curriculum - learning outcomes and objectives
  • Course content & assets
  • Faculty management
  • Graduation & career services
Student Information System

Student Information System

Centralized platform for maintaining and updating student records during the entire life cycle of a student life in an institute.

  • Features for students, parents, faculty and administrators
  • Digitally enabled and optimized processes for better efficiency and productivity
  • Track financial aid, payment status and online payments
  • Seamless communication and notifications
  • 100% data privacy and security
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Online Learning Environment for delivery of course content and other learning activities.

  • Easy to use & customizable features suitable for K12, higher ed & corporate learning.
  • User friendly, anywhere learning LMS features
  • AI powered customizable and adaptive learning paths
  • Gamification and social learning
  • SCORM and LTI compatible
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
Anywhere Learning

Anywhere Learning

Anywhere Learning using mobile technologies offers an opportunity to reach learners on the go or remotely.

  • Blended and more personalized learning 
  • Encourage new student communities to experience collaborative learning
  • Maximize educational efficiency with continuous learning possibilities
  • Push notifications
Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Help educational institutes to develop a digital content strategy.

  • Services for providing content strategy and development for academic, e-learning and engineering content
Education Outreach

Education Outreach

Help educational institutes to develop a digital content strategy.

  • Student journey planning
  • Design and development of the Experience Portal
  • Experience portal design and development
  • Social media and blog management
  • Prospective student to enrolment funnel optimization and tracking analytics
Test & Assessment

Test & Assessment

Educational and skill assessment and test solutions. 

  • Rule based and AI powered
  • Test & assessment builder with meta data and scoring options
  • Proctored assessments
  • Proxy identification with bio-metrics data
Data & Analytics in Education

Data & Analytics in Education

Leverage institutional data for insights and reporting.

  • Insights on data generated from entire student life cycle for business optimization
  • Student data, course data, faculty data & facility data
  • Predict student success and offer assistance to struggling students
  • Student outcomes reporting
  • Operational data insights

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