Digital transformation has become a necessary means of survival for educators to grow as well as to meet the needs of modern students in today’s fast-moving digital world. At ACL Digital, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to cater to the needs of clients across the education segments, including K12, Higher Education and Professionals. ACL Digital leverages business, technical, functional and industry expertise to help educational institutions improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Some of our core area of expertise are :

  • Cloud-based Student Experience
  • Web and Mobile based Learning
  • Personalized Learning and Training
  • AI and Analytics

ACL Digital’s education expertise helps empowers educators by streamlining workflows around academic policies and content development, and providing an adaptive learning experience by leveraging UX designs, integrations with Student ERP and other enterprise systems, Test Automation, Cloud enablement & migration and bespoke Learning Platforms.

Education Solutions


ACL Digital is an Education Industry solution provider leader with 20+ years experience in this vertical. We bring innovative & engaging learning solutions to K12 schools, Universities & Higher Education Institutes and Ed-tech organizations. Our range of customized Product Engineering solutions and Enterprise software platforms include:

Adaptive Learning
Shape an Adaptive learning platform by our individualized data driven approach.
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Learning Experience Platform
Build a robust & secure framework which meets end to end Higher Education needs of the students.
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Smart Learning & Data Visualization
Optimize performance by gamified applications with optimal reporting and visualizations.
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Student Life-cycle Engagement
Empower institutions with new and engaging cloud services for the entire student life-cycle.
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Student Management
Seamlessly streamline operational methods with enterprise-grade solutions.
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AI Back-Office & Automation
Build a scalable solution by integrating back-office functions and streamlining operations.
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When it comes to re-imagining the Education Industry with Digital Transformation, ACL Digital is a one-stop-shop for all business transformation, innovation and integration needs of the education institutes. 

We at ACL Digital enable clients by promoting collaborative and interactive learning and providing a lightning-fast move into the digital future.