Save valuable time by eliminating the need to spend countless hours crafting schedules for your team or staff. Master efficiency and empower your business with our revolutionary workforce scheduling solutions.

ACL Digital’s Workforce Scheduling Software utilizes innovative artificial intelligence to optimize your scheduling process. Our Workforce Scheduler generates optimal schedules in a fraction of the time than it would take to do them manually. It helps businesses optimize staffing levels, match employee skills with tasks, and create schedules that meet operational needs while considering factors such as employee availability, labor regulations, and budget constraints.

Optimize Employee Rosters with an AI-Powered Workforce Scheduler


ACL's Workforce Scheduler (WFS) is an AI-powered software that effortlessly generates optimal staff schedules - faster than ever! Check out our video to learn more.







Advanced AI Algorithms

OptaPlanner for Automated Roster Generation

OptaPlanner leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently assign shifts, considering employee preferences, skills, and availability. 




Incorporate employee preferences, time-off requests, and constraints, resulting in more balanced and employee-friendly schedules.




The workforce planning software provides detailed reports and analytics for better roster optimization, allowing for insights into resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, and overall scheduling efficiency.



Dynamic Scheduling

The workforce scheduling software adapts in real-time to changing demands, allowing for last-minute adjustments to the roster based on evolving business needs.


Dynamic updates

Compliance Management

Workforce Scheduler ensures compliance with labor laws, regulations, and company policies, helping prevent scheduling conflicts and legal issues.


User-friendly interface

Calendar Integration Capabilities

Seamless calendar integration of the roster generator ensures real-time updates and efficient communication. The software sends shift detail emails to employees for seamless synchronization of schedules across multiple platforms.


Calendar Integration

Optimization Reporting

Our workforce scheduling tool allows for insights into resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, and overall scheduling efficiency. Roster reports can be generated and exported seamlessly into Excel files for convenient analysis and documentation.




The employee-centric workforce scheduling solution is designed to handle workforce scheduling for organizations of varying sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.


Enhanced Productivity 

Generate rosters up to 90 days in advance for strategic workforce planning, reducing last-minute changes and promoting stability, cost efficiency, and improved work-life balance for employees. 

Constraint-based Planning

Constraint-based Planning 

Enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance by customizing the scheduling process aligned to the unique constraints and requirements of the business, ultimately leading to optimized workforce management.


Intelligent Self-Learning

Self-learning algorithms draw insights from past rosters, analyzing historical data, preferences, and performance metrics to generate new schedules tailored to your unique workforce dynamics autonomously.