HealthTech helps organizations by boosting revenue, administrative efficiency, operational productivity and improving the overall quality of care. You can count on ACL Digital to provide you with various technological solutions and frameworks. Our in-depth technology expertise helps deliver solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

HealthTech requires consistent innovation that leverages technology to meet the ever-growing demand of the healthcare market. We help customers design a clear digital business strategy by bringing together design frameworks and industry expertise that integrate business and technology architectures to drive business outcomes.



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EHR-Centre of Excellence (COE)

ACL Digital offers comprehensive EMR solutions for hospitals and clinics. We deliver solutions to enhance the quality of health care, increase revenue, and improve the efficiency of the staff. All our EHR/EMR technologies are multi-modular, fully functional, and all-inclusive with necessary modules. The system is built with two decades of engineering technology experience and involves modern-day advancements. Also, it includes modules such as CPOE, pharmacy, lab, radiology, and a complete billing module.

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Health Platform Development

You can benefit from ACL Digital's health platform to collect and manage data received from various sources and devices. The health platform development includes integrated data from different sources and offers insights to the users in a single interface.

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Application Modernization

ACL Digital has partnered with different organizations to help transform many legacy systems by leveraging the benefits of latest technologies. We have improved the old software by utilising the latest tech languages, frameworks, and platforms. We assist in changing the customer experience by enhancing the design and workflow.

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Data and Insight

Business Intelligence helps in providing deep insights by using the available data. BI reports and dashboards assist companies in decision making, streamline information and data, and is relatively easier to access.

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Cloud and DevOps

From core technical implementations to high-level strategies, our experienced and skilled cloud practice team offers solution accelerators and best practices to manage your DevOps implementation, cloud application design, and migration. We have the expertise to establish integration and communication between different teams so that companies hit the right balance between agility and reliability.

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Mobile and Connected Health

Connected health involves the integration of health technology, mobile telecommunication devices, and other interfaces to achieve better care. ACL Digital is your one-stop source for empowering clinicians, industry partners, and researchers in designing, applying, and assessing mobile and connected health solutions for healthy ageing. Talk to us to achieve interoperability, health information exchange, and more, all at a lower cost.