Face Anonymization - Regulating Patient's Privacy by Anonymizing Faces

Face images are susceptible to misuse as the images may have facial features that can target an individual for any requirement. Download the whitepaper to know more about how face anonymization or obfuscation technology is helpful for privacy protection.

There has been an inclination toward the de-identification of face data in recent years. Organizations must keep protecting patients’ identities, and in the meantime, data quality is the backbone of many computer-based vision projects. Face anonymization software helps protect people’s identities in public and other places. Also, anonymization is critical to comply with privacy regulations like CSL, CCPA, GDPR, and APPI.

With the ever-increasing abilities of facial recognition technology, patient image data collection comes with additional risks. You need an innovative privacy software solution based on generative AI to generate face overlays to protect patients from recognition while keeping top-quality data for Machine Learning. Organizations need to convert sensitive information into non-sensitive information by anonymizing the user’s facial image data from facial recognition technology. Download the whitepaper for more details.

Face Anonymization Overview