Serverless Architecture

Development and adoption of serverless solutions help business organizations of all sizes to soar past the digital transformation journey. Check out the whitepaper for more information.

Serverless architecture is a software design principle that enables developers to build, deploy, and run the application as a service without the dependency on managing the infrastructure. The cloud has ensured that companies worry less about their IT infrastructure and instead focus on their core offerings. In the present scenario, most business organizations are moving to the cloud, freeing themselves of infrastructure problems. With serverless architecture, enterprises can quickly re-imagine their offerings, from ideation to production. Serverless computing provides multiple benefits to web developers, including faster time-to-market, lower expenses, innovating agility, maximizing resources, and scalability.

This whitepaper exemplifies serverless architecture's usage to transform how we design multi-tier architectures and execute patterns, services, and other applications. Easy adoption and development of serverless solutions enable enterprises of all sizes to advance in the digital transformation journey by eliminating obstacles such as infrastructure, operations, development, and deployment costs.

Serverless Architecture-CoverImage.png