Idealistic approach to be a chaperone using Beacon

Beacons provide a lot of opportunities in the healthcare industry for transforming patient, staff, and visitor experiences, improving operations and patient care.

Using digital kiosks, mobile devices, and digital indoor maps, beacons can enhance customer experiences more efficiently. For example, with the help of Beacon, patients waiting for a doctor's consultation can identify the doctor's availability, their appointment slot, and the current slot.

This document gives an overview of Beacon as a Chaperone to Healthcare and Exhibition. Also, it takes you through the challenges faced in your day-to-day life and describes the best solution to overcome those challenges.

Highlights of the whitepaper:

  • Why do we need Bluetooth Beacon?
  • Why do we look into this solution for Healthcare?
  • What can be our new solution from this Beacon?
  • What is the purpose of bringing this solution using Beacon?
  • Be a chaperone using Beacon as a solution


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