5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Adopt DevOps Now

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August 10, 2018


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Madhushree Bharati

Why DevOps?

DevOps – A buzz in the industry since the last 3 years has widespread completely in the enterprise market. Organizations that practice DevOps get their work done in a very simple and plain way. Companies that implement DevOps can deliver far better than those who do not practice the same.

The industry has been quick in implementing DevOps because its implementation brings several benefits to the company and its productivity. Here are some of the reasons, why your company should implement DevOps:

1. Faster Development results in Faster Execution

With the development and operations team working separately, it is hard to predict if the application is now all ready for operations. With a combined team of development and operations, applications are executed faster than that done by separate teams. According to Kevin Murphy, from RedHat, processes with shorter development cycles complete any application 60% faster than any traditional methodology.

2. Fewer Deployment Errors, and Time to Recover

With shorter development cycles in DevOps, a huge number of codes can be executed within a small amount of time. As a result, the bugs in the codes get detected very easily. Hence deployment failures can be reduced using agile programming. In DevOps, because of combined teamwork, recovery is very quick.

3. Improved Communication and Collaboration

In DevOps, because of the combined work culture, the executives become happier and even more productive. When members from both the teams trust each other, they can innovate better and work with full force. Also, the operations team does not have to wait for the other team to find and fixed bugs, as in DevOps, all teams work together.

Hence the process becomes continuous as all employees work towards a fixed goal resulting in faster product delivery.

4. Increased Productivities

As DevOps is a continuous cycle, the development process is fast enough, and the possibility of failure is very less. The continuous processes of development, testing and operations start automatically resulting in increased productivity. Due to cloud-based platforms also the testing and operations in DevOps fasten. Parallel workflows avoid delays. Using one environment avoids useless job of transferring data between different environments. In DevOps same environment is used for development, testing, operations, and deployment.

5. Reduced Costs

The continuous lifecycle of DevOps integrates different processes resulting in a single integrated workflow where different teams work together to develop a single software product. Hence continuous integration results in less number of team members and reduced IT costs.

DevOps was a buzz till yesterday and today organizations are implementing it at a high rate. If you want to implement DevOps in your organization, you should have a DevOps partner to understand its advantages and use cases. Our team of DevOps can assist you to fasten your application development and delivery.

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