Aligning Cybersecurity to your Digital Transformation Strategy

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January 29, 2022


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Amidst the pandemic- COVID 19, we can see a rise in Digital Marketing and Selling. Online Business or Cloud services are an emerging field. Many E-commerce including physical retail stores employ AI and other tools to lure customers. Bet it Social Media or Website; Online Business shows a greater success rate, ensuring a brighter future for the Global Digital Market.

However, “Every coin has two sides.” 

With a rise in Digital solutions, businesses are also approaching dangerous cyber threats. To cope with such challenges, it is crucial to employ cybersecurity.

Why prioritize Cybersecurity?

Following are the reasons why Cybersecurity is vital to Digital Transformation:

  1. Hackers might be able to get their hands on important data if your company uses Data Security Services or software that they could easily exploit. You could be in trouble. As long as hackers keep trying to break into systems, they will keep trying to do so no matter how safe they are.
  2. Data breaches often lead to big fines. If you don’t keep regular backups, your reputation could be damaged, or important data could be lost, so it’s important to keep them up to date.
  3. Third-party software may have backdoors. Backdoors are always a risk when you use the software. If you are not a developer, you won’t be able to find a backdoor. Even a developer will not be able to study the code until it is made open source. In this scenario, hiring a Professional Software Developer is an ideal choice.
  4. It is necessary to remember that even though digital transformation is a boon for businesses, it also has its downsides. Some people don’t think changing business to more digital can make the system and defenses less secure.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a good example of how quickly technology changes and is put into use. This can lead to problems like misconfigurations of the cloud. As soon as digital transformation has flaws that can be exploited, cybercriminals are more than happy to find ways to use them.

How to position Cybersecurity in Digital transformation?

A number of different ideas will help you make sure you have a strong cyber security strategy that works well with your digital transformation. The following are some helpful hints:


Adhere to Secure By Design Principle:

Planning projects concentrating on safety is necessary, as is including security professionals in the early stages of the planning process. Digital transformation isn’t going to be an issue if your firm can integrate security into its core values.

Conduct Frequent Evaluations of Safety and Security Risks:

Your company must do risk and security assessments to determine what is at risk and how infrastructure and system changes might influence them. Your risk and security assessments must take cloud security breaches into account.

Consider Your Security Solutions Carefully:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution or one that will guarantee your security permanently, so don’t count on the newest security technology to keep your firm safe throughout digital transformation activities. If you want to secure your company, be sure the cybersecurity solutions you pick are coupled with your plan and offer the security you’ll need today and in the future. 

Skill Development is Essential Against Rising Cyber Threats:

It is very important for the organization to be ready at all levels for an emergency. Organizations should work together to strengthen and update business continuity and incident response plans and encourage regular crisis-management training for everyone in the company, including the board of directors. This includes all employees, as well as the board of directors. A DTO must also stay up to date on the latest trends and try out new ways to manage incidents. 

Managed detection and response services, for example, may be able to predict attacks before they happen, and threat data can be used to make the security of a place better. You can also hire freelance developers to help make these methods work efficiently with special skills and experience.

Consider Outsource and Consultation for Advanced Cybersecurity:

To obtain the most out of your new systems, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert. There may be new dangers that current team members may not be able to recognize or handle as a result of digital transformation. Managed security services may assist in preventing and responding to threats.

To Sum it Up!

Every company needs to keep up with the changes in cybersecurity threats. It is really essential to keep an eye on the readiness of your staff regularly to look for areas of weakness and see if existing policies and training need to be changed. It’s best to record all assessments and ensure that employees follow any risk-remediation recommendations. Never let your guard down when it comes to Online Business Management.

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