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January 29, 2019


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At current scenario, the Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a wider business change to meet the challenges they face in the industry like healthcare reforms and requirements, demanding customer base, global competition, and fast-growing market trends. The people are looking for the healthcare service with premium quality at affordable prices, which drives the pharmaceutical manufacturers to look for best software’s to get well-organized operations, increased efficiency, and cost-effective solutions. This has driven the pharmaceutical industry to get benefited from the implementation of ERP systems.

ERP System : The enterprise resource planning system is a unit which provides a complete solution that helps hospitals and other healthcare sectors to increase productivity and profit of the organizations. The ERP system is a large scale software program that is designed for processing the business floe internally within the organization or a company, enhancing the communication between various departments and its internal functions and sharing of the data where they can be used productively.

The ERP implementation in pharmaceutical companies not only drives the business, but it also helps the pharmaceutical company to keep a track on originations compliance, quality, management, costing and much more. The ERP software understands the organization’s management requirements and integrates with various departments to provide real-time information.

How ERP system, benefit pharmaceutical companies : The ERP implementation assists pharmaceutical companies’ manufacturers to track all their products, optimize the time and increase the business processes. This ERP solutions cover all range of pharmaceutical business needs such as quality assurance, batch production, sales functions, full inventory control, financials, purchasing, reporting, maintenance, management, and accounting. Apart from driving business processes, ERP system helps in achieving overall business performances and reduce the cost of labor and other IT expenses. ERP implementation, improve the interaction between the staff members among various departments and with the company. ERP software aids better decision making for pharmaceutical manufacturers from any place, any device and anytime.

Some of the best ERP software for pharmaceutical companies in India are SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Ramco, sage ERP, Epicor ERP, NetSuite and much more.

SAP ERP software : SAP is an ERP software stands for Systems, Applications, and Products, which assist pharmaceutical companies to manage the companies’ financials, human resources, logistics, functionalities, cross-application modules, and other business aspects. This ERP software helps pharmaceutical companies to track their products, customers and business interactions internally within the company and also with stakeholders and partners.

On the implementation of SAP ERP system, it monitors costs, process invoices, confirms service and management orders, documents the overall progress of the operations, maintain planning and process, collects data and records the internal & external employee’s services. SAP ERP software stands ahead from other such software by its functionality, user-friendliness, real-time integration and flexibility in its use.

Oracle NETSUITE : NetSuite is the best ERP software that delivers a proven, cloud-based, high financial management capabilities that improve the business of the pharmaceutical companies. It helps numerous pharmaceutical companies to address their business challenges. It is used to store and retrieve the information. Netsuite is the most flexible and effective way to manage the company’s applications and information’s. Netsuite is used to integrate and streamline the company’s business process and other transactions. This helps the pharmaceutical industry to improve speed and efficiency, reduce costs, and improve integration, effective execution of plans and world-class planning, forecasting and budgeting. On the implementation of NetSuite service in the pharmaceutical companies,  provides a complete accounting, payment management, financial reporting, analytics, supply chain management, order and billing management, and other inventory management.

NetSuite assists you in better decision making with the real time data, drive faster result, reporting and personalized dashboards. NetSuite implementation assists the pharmaceutical companies to improve their productivity, reduce IT expenses, automatic product upgrades and eliminate any upfront expenditures.

Microsoft Dynamics : Microsoft Dynamics is the most widely used software for customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The Microsoft Dynamics ERP includes five products, namely Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft dynamics C5. Each designed to serve the complete ERP solution to the pharmaceutical companies. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP system helps pharmaceutical companies to manage their entire supply chain, minimize the costs and performance management.

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