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February 20, 2017


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Veerappan P L

There has always been pressure on enterprises to find new avenues to expand and increase values for shareholders and investors. One of the many ways for enterprises to increase shareholder values is to

  • reduce the cost and
  • increase the productivity.

Companies have used various methods to achieve that and increased IT spending is one of them. Since the cost of sensors, devices, connectivity and the storage have reduced tremendously, there has been very high level of adoption of IoT solutions.

  • Healthcare industry has started looking for solutions to monitor patients, track perioperative stocks using RFID, manage assets, predictive device maintenance, digitizing devices, etc. Since each of the hospitals, medical device companies and pharma companies are using different set of software solutions, hence, it is not possible for them to use any off-the-shelf IoT solutions.
  • Automotive industry requires solutions for fleet monitoring, connected manufacturing, automotive predictive maintenance, smart car parking, tracking trips, connected car solutions etc.
  • Retail industry requires solutions for smart shelves, beacon based product marketing, smart shopping carts, smart price tags, smart product replenishments, smart refrigerators, contactless checkouts.
  • Home automation space requires affordable auto-ordering refrigeration systems, home security, energy efficient lighting system, brushing pattern monitoring, and smart medicine dispensers and so on.
  • Manufacturing and production plants require smart asset tracking, predictive maintenance, smart metering, and automated vehicles and so on.

Where can ACL Digital help?

Since each of the requirements in every industry is very unique, we can provide solutions in the ways as mentioned below.

  • We can implement the solutions using off-the-shelf products by integrating the devices, sensors, actuators with edge gateway systems
  • We have expertise in open-source platforms like kaa project, eclipse frameworks like Kura, Californium (CoAP), Leshan (LWM2M), Mosquito (MQTT), Paho, hawkBit.
  • We have certified professionals to build solutions using Thingworx, Thingspeak, Azure IoT suite (Solair), Tridium Niagara and Eurotech’s Everywhere Cloud
  • We can build quick prototypes using Intel Edison, Galileo, Arduino, ELM327, Beacons and variety of sensors, actuators to make a proof of concepts in few weeks’ time.

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