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November 18, 2021


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Connections and collaborations are now made easy by Workplace from Meta. It is a unique and user-friendly workplace tool that easily connects everybody in your organization, even while working remotely. You can empower and transform your business with features like chats, groups, video calls, and more.

Workplace from Meta integrates with the business tools you already use to provide a simple, secure, and more productive way for people to share knowledge, work together and build community. Workplace also integrates with the business tools you already use, including Microsoft 365 and G Suite, to provide a secure and productive way for people to share knowledge, work together and build community. From integration and implementation to training and licensing, you can rely on ACL Digital for customized solutions, services, and so much more.

Some Pointers Before You Get Started

COVID – 19 has turned the world upside down and has uncovered an urgent requirement to move past employee engagement and transform the employee experience. At present, the focus has completely shifted towards employee well-being and safety. Implementing changes in your organization can save millions of dollars and potentially improve employee experience and improve productivity.

Even though there might be some resistance in implementing the digital solution, careful planning and effective change management can help one realize the full benefits of Workplace implementation. Below are some of the proven steps you should consider before implementing WORKPLACE:

  • Straightforward goal setting – It is essential to have set goals to ensure the productive outcomes of digital transformation.
  • Champions are the key – The early adopters to change are your Workplace champions who help drive your workplace community and use the tool to gather feedback from the team and motivate others to contribute.
  • Overcoming workplace challenges - Identify top hurdles that could derail the project and have a risk mitigation plan in place.
  • Change management – Have a timely increment plan so that the people involved will familiarize themselves with the new processes and be flexible enough to adapt to changes.
  • Prioritize security and data protection - Security, data, and privacy are the foremost factors for any digital business, and it's imperative to have a plan in place.
  • Regular training – Having periodic training and refreshing the key concepts will help achieve the goal set for the business organizations.
  • Timely support - It is essential to have a support system and a pre-defined SLA, whether it's for creating support tickets or for the tool used or help required in integrating or creating new workflows within the platform.


What does Workplace replace?



Best Practices for Rolling Out Workplace

  • Implementing a new system requires both preparation and organization-wide implementation. You should be prepared well in advance and take appropriate steps when required once Workplace is in place. Below are some of the essential steps that would help make Workplace rollout a success:
  • Buy-in from stakeholders: Post the approval from the leadership, you need to understand what motivates the stakeholders and reaffirm the goals and communicate the development throughout implementation.
  • Identify ambassadors across the company: These individuals will help spread the word about the system and answer any specific employee questions that arise during the rollout.
  • Create Workplace groups: To make the Workplace successful, you need to have a prescribed method of naming and building groups. It helps for better communication within Workplace.
  • Determine specific permission levels: Before creating groups, it is essential to go through the approval process to ensure that the process is in-line with the taxonomy laid out in the previous step. Also, new group creation should fit specific business cases.
  • Create target groups and seed content: Always seed the groups with informative and relevant content. The stakeholders and group admins should ensure the groups are open to the rest of the organization so that it is easy to understand the dynamics and the objectives or principles.
  • Open the groups for others in the company: You should ensure that every employee joins a particular group and don’t forget to nominate community managers to help answers questions. Also, ensure these community managers work with the ambassadors to make sure employees are comfortable with the new platform.


From the management team to the frontline staff, the connectivity brings tangible benefits to everyone. When companies collaborate or connect on Workplace from Meta, individuals become closer, culture gets bolstered, and teamwork gets faster. Connection is probably one of the most vital components in building a capable and productive work environment. Because higher the connections mean higher the efficiency.

It is crucial to connect with team members across all departmental units to ensure the success of any business. Creating a connection where there is none will take time and effort, but we should realize that it will always be a collective effort of all our colleagues. Keep that in perspective; as you relate and interact with each other, you will only create a well-connected workplace. ACL Digital is a trusted global Workplace partner with experienced professionals and local teams across the global. Contact us to digitize your workplace or for more information.

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