NetSuite Empowers the Pharmaceutical Industry to Reach Beyond Their Limitations

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February 26, 2019


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The continuously changing business landscapes and growing complexity have dramatically impacted the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. These challenges can be resolved effectively with the help of certain ERPs available in the IT market such as NetSuite. The pharmaceutical industry involves multiple challenges such as global competition, healthcare reforms & requirements, demanding customer base and fast-growing market trends. To adopt this constantly changing environment, the pharmaceutical companies must be able to respond to instant changes in the current pharmaceutical conditions, customer engagements and other government regulations.

Currently, more than 25,000 pharmaceutical companies using NetSuite management and enables them to improve their online visibility, minimize complexity, and quickly adapt to face the massive change in the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of NetSuite Implementation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Improves Customer Engagement

NetSuite solution provides a 360-degree view of the customers in a single data set by accessing their purchase and service data’s, deliver better service to the customers and other partners with the help of the real-time data. NetSuite solution uses the cloud-based technologies to create a platform that enables everyone from admins to specialists to patients to get real-time information they need at any time they want.

Transparency and Visibility

The customizable role-based reporting and personalized dashboards rendered by NetSuite software provides real-time access to the key business data, enabling the pharmaceutical organizations to make timely business decisions with the real-time data to drive the organization into a successful one and brings faster result.

Flexibility to Adapt Market Changes

BWith the help of NetSuite software solution, the pharmaceutical companies can easily adapt the current make changes which eliminate manual work and configure their process, streamline the workflows, enable close and near real-time reporting and any needed information.

Streamline Compliance

NetSuite implementation simplifies, and facilitates compliance by maintaining internal controls, access to corporate consolidated results and provide real-time accurate reporting with a complete set of audit trails.

Stock Management

NetSuite integration with other ERP software’s provide the proper stock management services for the pharmaceutical products. NetSuite service help keeping the unique mark code for the products with expiry dates, to avoid any wrong supply of the products.

Modernized Systems

End-to-end effective and efficient service provided by the NetSuite solution modernize the systems, thereby providing better services for the customers.

Supply Chain

With the integration with CRM, supply chain management, retail channels, other inventory software’s and process, enhance the efficiency of pharmaceutical product distributors. The pharmaceutical product manufacturers and other executives in the pharmaceutical industry are in need of specific software requirements that integrate all the process into a single dataset. NetSuite service provides tools that have managing capacities, quality management, recipe control, batch inventory and demand planning, that are important for pharmaceutical companies.

Along with these benefits, NetSuite solution delivers cloud-based, financial management capabilities that empower the business of pharmaceutical business. NetSuite solution assists numerous pharmaceutical companies to address their business challenge and thrive. NetSuite service is the best ERP software and its integration with CRM, eCommerce platform drive innovation, growth and is the most flexible and effective methods to manage the company’s information and applications.

NetSuite helps the pharmaceutical industry to increase its revenue. This helps the pharmaceutical industry to reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed, and improve integration, world-class planning execution of plans effectively and budgeting. The NetSuite implementation provides a complete accounting, financial reports, analytics, payment management, supply chain management, order management, billing and other inventory management.

NetSuite solution assists the pharmaceutical companies in improving their productivity, reduce IT expenses, and eliminate upfront expenditures and automatic product upgrades.


The spreadsheets and other traditional methods could no longer support the business model in this fast-growing global medical world. Manual process wastes time and money, poor visibility and less transparency, fewer sales order and slowed deliveries.
On NetSuite implementation, it provides robust customization and access to real-time data, assists a pharma company to predict their marginal value accurately, predicting flexibility in costs. The cloud base NetSuite integration provides efficient maintenance and streamlined performance that help them to overcome similar competitors. NetSuite solution significantly reduced a Leading Medical Device company’s upfront costs around £75,000, plus £25,000 yearly on administration and maintenance.

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