Why do Business Continue ill Equipped for Digital Transformation

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January 22, 2019


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Most of the sectors in this digital world are still facing wide challenges in meeting the digital transformation needs. Almost 70% wanted to go for automated and digital processes within their organizations, but only 30% of them are confident enough to undergo digital transformation and update the existing system. The digital business transformation does not start only with the technology, but the business needs to undergo a transformational process if we want digital business transformation to be successful.

Internet of Things :

In the digital age, the business remains ill-equipped due to the increase in the amount of data that is created, stored and used every day by every organization. In recent years, the advent and growth of the technology raise the data which we are created in real-time. But the organizations are unaware of the challenges involved in the internet of things when they undergo a digital business transformation. These include business models, revenue streams, data optimization, and automation across all aspects. This force the organizations to get understanding of people, things, data and processes; that makes business and the drivers that connect everything.

Data Management :

The major organization is affected during the road to digital transformation due to lack of understanding where the data goes wrong, the ways of managing the data, interpreting the data effectively and how to change the data effectively. Some fail to identify which is the valuable data, the most reliable one and also quick decision making. The idea of integration of data’s during the digital business transformation affects all aspects of the company’s business productivity and profit.

The company has to make smarter decisions and streamline the road to digital transformation and its processes. Figuring out the aspects required to go ahead with digital transformation and automation.

Here are some of the ways you can consider to get digital transformation on track.

  • Digital Culture – The need for undergoing a digital transformation in business should be addressed to all stakeholders, and even the company employees. Because digital transformation changes the working method of the employees and their interactions with the customers. The clear definition of the requirement is a key aspect to make a successful digital transformation.
  • Training – The lack of proper training for the company employee is one of the main aspects in which organizations struggle to implement new technology, process, and system while undergoing a digital transformation. Every employee should be trained accordingly to meet the current trends in the market and make your business thrive.
  • Frameworks – Without a framework, strategies that are set to be followed, the company employees don’t understand the work they have to render. The frameworks are a roadmap for digital transformation and it should include SMART objectives. Employees should be given a clear direction for their work, the reason behind the work, and the timescale of the work. This assists the employees on their aims, their works, their destination and time limit. This roadmap is an effective way to overcome the ill-equipped digital business transformation and automation and increase the chance of success.
  • Investment – Many organizations fail in the digital transformation project due to the lack of knowledge on the amount to be invested. Any project includes challenges, strategies, and objectives. The organizations must make the investment to go hand in hand along the entire journey of digital transformation. To get success in the digital transformation set milestones that include the outcomes and investment to keep the business towards success.

The digital transformation initiatives include challenges and that can be easily overcome by implementing the factors that are addressed above and turn your business into a successful one. Yet many organizations think to undergo a digital transformation, but the fear, strategies, insufficient training and issues in investment make them step back. On finding the right professionals, well-trained employees, and clear awareness of the ways to address challenges are some of the most efficient ways to make your digital business transformation, a favorable outcome.

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