How to Choose a Product Engineering Vendor?

Outsourcing product development is one of the hottest trends, almost all companies follow today. It is possible to benefit from outsourcing product development but only when you keep key competencies in-house. Traditionally, organizations used to outsource their non-core activities for cost cuttings. But today, different organizations from start-ups to MNCs, outsource even their core activities in order to reduce costs. And also to focus more on business by outsourcing to external companies who have access to world class competencies.

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Madhushree Bharati

November 14, 2016

Cloud Computing Simplified

Cloud computing has the potential to create irreversible changes in how computers are used around the world. It is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Gartner views it as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

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Arundhati Kanungo

March 26, 2016

Why Network Transformation?

If we step back a bit in to the history of how telecom networks were conceived and built, it becomes evident that networks were designed in the past to deliver one service at a time. Starting from PSTN voice to cellular voice (and later data) to multimedia broadcast, each network was designed to carry a set of services delivered through a dedicated set of network elements in its path, each performing a set of control functions to deliver the intended service to subscribers. At the core, ATM circuits served the purpose of carrying traffic over long distances over optical links.

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Mrinmoy Purkayatha

June 18, 2015

Realizing SDN – ODL

About two years ago, SDN was a buzz in the industry with early adopters conducting PoCs to create overlay networks within the data center, or provisioning WAN bandwidth in core networks. Just about a year ago, SDN realization started in its true sense, and now realizing SDN using OpenDayLight (ODL), rather SDN – ODL, has become an industrial practice.

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Yugandhar Sarraju

May 16, 2015