ACL Digital, an ALTEN group company, is taking the challenge of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) head-on by sponsoring scholarships at Hackbright Academy and Devmountain, to aspirants who demonstrate a commitment to bringing diverse or underrepresented people together in the world of tech.

The scholarship program will focus on encouraging individuals committed to making a change in their career path but who need some assistance. It will help bridge the knowledge gap among these bright aspirants, thus leading to their holistic development. Industry on the other hand will get access to superior quality, well-trained, domain-focused, and underrepresented talent to meet their DE&I goals. 

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The scholarship will be ideal for candidates:

  • Possessing awareness about diversity among individuals
  • Having tangible experience or goals related to bringing diverse people together with and within the technology industry
  • Displaying a passion for involving diversity in the technology industry
  • Having an awareness of what diversity means and all the many ways in which people can be diverse
  • Having a deep sense of appreciation for the value of diversity

Whether you are a recent college graduate, career changer, unemployed youth, or code school student, looking to join a better program, we want to assist you to find a fulfilling new career in the tech industry.

About ACL Digital:

ACL Digital, an ALTEN Group Company, is a digital product innovation and engineering leader. We help our clients design and build innovative products (AI, Cloud, and Mobile ready), content and commerce-driven platforms, and connected, converged digital experiences for the modern world through a design-led Digital Transformation framework. By integrating our strategic design, engineering, and industry capabilities, we help our clients decode the digital world and accelerate their growth journey. The company provides innovative & engaging learning solutions to schools, colleges, universities, and Ed-tech organizations. We bring education domain knowledge with digital innovations, and engineering expertise to improve students’ experience and streamline administrative operations for the future.

With multicultural and transnational talent and as part of the ALTEN Group comprising over 42,000+ employees spread across more than 30 countries, it promotes a collaborative knowledge-building environment.

For further information, visit ACL Digital or write to

About Hackbright Academy:

Hackbright Academy is one of the leading engineering schools for women and people who are gender diverse, with 1,000+ graduates from tech companies that include Google, Dropbox, and Airbnb. We were founded with the mission to provide women with a personalized path to a software engineering career.

For more information, visit Hackbright Academy

About Devmountain:

Devmountain is a design, analytics, cybersecurity, and coding bootcamp founded in 2013 by professionals who had their lives dramatically changed by learning tech skills. The Devmountain brand specializes in immersive, in-person, and courses. We’ve grown a lot since our first course—taught in a classroom in what used to be an old candy factory. Devmountain is now part of Strayer University, with campuses across multiple states.

For more information, visit Devmountain