Discover How Workplace can Drive Collaboration at Scale

Date & Time
March-10 11:00 am to March-10 11:45 am

The webinar titled "Discover how Workplace can drive collaboration at scale" included a demo of Workplace and its success stories to give the attendees an insight into why over 30,000 organizations have chosen Workplace from Facebook as their social enterprise collaboration tool!


  • Defining Workplace from Facebook as an enterprise collaboration tool
  • Quick demo of Workplace from Facebook’s key features and benefits
  • Use cases of Workplace along with some success stories
  • How Workplace from Facebook can be built and adopted to your advantage for an innovative, collaborative workplace

About Speakers

Thumbnail-Chad Osgood

Chad Osgood
Digital CXO @ACL Digital
Chad Osgood is a Digital CXO with ACL Digital. In this role, he is focused on enabling innovation and transformation needed to help companies reinvent themselves in the fast changing digital world.


Thumbnail-Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee
Partnerships @Workplace from Facebook
Jonathan Lee is a Strategic Partner Manager with the Workplace from Facebook team. In this role, he supports partners and helps them successfully bring Workplace to their customers


Watch the Webinar Recording to learn how Workplace from Facebook has helped organizations increase and enhance employee engagement and experience!