Discover how Workplace connects the Frontline to HQ

Date & Time
September-23 - September-23

ACL Digital collaborated with Facebook for a webinar titled "Discover how Workplace connects the Frontline to HQ" to enable enterprises turn their Frontline Employees into a growth engine and ensure the better business outcomes.


  • How are businesses simplifying operations through Workplace from Facebook?
  • Why it’s crucial for businesses to create highly personalized employee experiences?
  • How to connect frontline employees to HQ?
  • How Workplace helps build high-performing teams to ensure service consistency across dynamic and deskless workforce?
  • What are the best practices for enhancing digital communications and collaborations among frontline employees?

About Speaker:

Thumbnail-Chad Osgood

Chad Osgood
Digital CXO @ACL Digital
Chad Osgood is a Digital CXO with ACL Digital. In this role, he is focused on enabling innovation and transformation needed to help companies reinvent themselves in the fast changing digital world.


Thumbnail-Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee
Partnerships @Workplace from Facebook
Jonathan Lee is a Strategic Partner Manager with the Workplace from Facebook team. In this role, he supports partners and helps them successfully bring Workplace to their customers


Watch the webinar recording to learn how Workplace from Facebook helps utilize the maximum potential of your frontline to improve revenue and productivity!