Diving into Zero Trust and Building Secure 5G Networks

Date & Time
May-24 09:30 am to May-24 10:00 am

Zero Trust is a multifaceted cybersecurity concept that can be overwhelming for even the most experienced professionals taking on Zero Trust architectures. Implementing Zero Trust principles is crucial with the acceleration of 5G adoption. This allows organizations to enhance network security and reliability to safeguard users and critical applications. By incorporating Zero Trust in 5G, organizations can reassess their security strategies for the next generation of mobile networks and applications.

In the webinar, we explored the concepts of Zero Trust security and its implementation in 5G networks. Our expert shared insights on establishing a secure network infrastructure and mitigating potential risks associated with 5G technology. It helped the audience gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in network security and learn best practices for implementing a Zero Trust framework in their organizations.

Topics discussed:

  • Zero Trust Principles in 5G Network
  • Role of Service Mesh in cloud-native 5G network core
  • Building 5G Security with Intel SGX
  • Future steps for building zero trust 5G

Our expert, Suresh Galam, spoke about the critical components of a Zero Trust architecture and demonstrated how they could be applied to 5G networks to protect against cyber threats while enhancing network performance and simplifying management. He also delved into the role of service mesh in cloud-native 5G network cores and discussed the benefits of using Intel SGX to enhance 5G security.

Finally, we looked toward the future of Zero Trust in 5G networks and discussed emerging technologies and standards that can help organizations build a strong foundation of security and network agility. Please click here to view the recording of this webinar.

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Suresh Galam


Suresh Galam
Director, R&D Engineering and Technologies

Suresh Galam has been a consultant and architect in networking and telecom for 20 years. He has worked globally with top telecom companies and network vendors like Cisco, Juniper, and Ericsson. Suresh loves working with new technologies such as SDN/NFV, SDWAN, 5G, Cloud, and Open source.