R Programming for Biometrics Professionals

Date & Time
July-13 11:00 am to July-13 12:00 pm

This webinar was the first session of a training series titled ‘R Programming for Biometrics Professionals’ taught by Sunil Gupta. These webinars are free of charge and will include live training and demonstrations that will offer everyone a great opportunity to start developing their R programming skills. The webinar covered the below aspects of R programming

  • What is R and Why Should You Learn R?
  • What is R?
  • What R is Not?
  • Why Should You Learn R?
  • How Can You Learn R?
  • R Interface: R Studio
  • Compare R with SAS: SASSY Package
  • Compare R with SQL
  • Common R Packages
  • R Syntax – Basics
  • R Examples
  • Common R Data Frame Operations
  • Common R FAQs
  • R Data Object Process Flow, Structure, Rules and Scope

About Speaker:

Infographic-R Programming for Biometrics Professionals

Sunil Gupta
Sunil Gupta is a hands-on Principal Statistical Programmer and CDISC compliance developer of more than 25 years. He has led teams at leading Life Science industry companies such as Amgen, Quintiles, Cytel and Genentech. Amongst Sunil many professional endeavours include being an international speaker, global corporate trainer, book author, and teacher. His best-selling books include, Clinical Data Quality Checks for CDISC Compliance Using SAS, Quick Results with the Output Delivery System, Sharpening Your SAS Skills and Sharpening Your Advanced SAS Skills. Gupta currently teaches online classes at the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of California at San Diego.

Watch the Webinar Recording to learn how as a programming language, R helps biometric professionals with data centric flexibility, data cleaning, data management, data analysis, data reporting, and graphs.