Webinar - Next Generation of Cyber Defence Centre

Date & Time
February-26 15:00 pm to February-26 16:00 pm

We hear often about a cyber-attack or security breach that causes a huge loss of data and money to organizations worldwide. Threat monitoring and SIEM platform are going through a much-needed evolution to address the new threat landscape with the growing volume of cyberattacks and data breaches. Traditional SIEM platforms no longer meet the requirements to address emerging threats. Enterprise needs an intelligent next-generation platform that provides end to end threat protection capabilities.

Additionally, Cyber Defence Centre have to be redefined and transformed into a Security Analytics centre as large amounts of security logs are typically collected from endpoints but are not analyzed effectively.


  • Evolution Of SIEM
  • Cyber Defence Centre Challenges
  • Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Security Data Lake

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About the Speaker

Mailer - Speaker image - Bala

Balamurali V, Practice Head - Cybersecurity Services
He has 17 years of experience in solutions, consulting, and Pre-sales in the Cybersecurity domain. He drives the Cybersecurity practice for ACl Digital globally. He has experience in Infra security, Cloud security, and Cybersecurity.