Healthcare and medical device companies are in for a significant transformation post the pandemic. Today, medical devices should be better connected, as cloud data storage, secure transformation, and data analytics are becoming the new standards. Therefore, medical device companies must strategically adapt to focus on innovations to transform the patient experience market requirements and build digital platforms leveraging the latest technologies and optimizing the development process.

Technological advancements and healthcare reforms are intersecting, and together they are pushing the demand for sophisticated and futuristic medical devices. ACL digital helps medical device companies design, develop, maintain, validate, and support sophisticated connected devices. Additionally, we support our clients with regulatory documentation, product compliance, and certifications.

As a leading design engineering and product development firm, we strive to bring new products to market, update established technologies, product modernization, and develop digital platforms and mobile applications with a total experience innovation approach that meets your business needs.


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ACL Digital leverages a human-centric approach to design and develop personalized digital experiences, omnichannel, connected, data-driven, and cloud-based MedTech ecosystem. The technology capabilities we offer include but are not limited to cloud, mobile, microservices, micro frontends, APIs & containerization, IoT, AI/ML models, and MLOps services to develop adaptive monitoring and predictive capabilities.

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Product Incubation and Engineering

The design and development of a product determine the success or failure in the market. ACL Digital caters to our customer's specific and unique needs and the projects that we undertake. Consequently, we customized our cutting-edge product development approach and the resources to meet the distinctive needs of our customers. The diverse project experience, the pool of exceptional engineers, multiple project execution styles, product development strategies, and different delivery models makes us unique to match your growing business needs.

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Modernization and Sustenance Projects

ACL Digital has a dedicated team of specialized engineers to handle your project-specific requirements to bring transparency around predictable cost allocation for your engineering projects. Additionally, the sustenance projects we undertake help our clients with valuable innovation time by managing component obsolescence, firmware and software updates, performance issues, and overall customer release cycles, letting you keep your focus on what is essential.

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Software Platforms and Mobile Applications

As your trusted partner, you can depend on ACL Digital for software platforms and mobile medical application development and re-engineering. We deliver innovative digital solutions with a comprehensive experience strategy across the software development lifecycle to provide high-level client satisfaction and quality with time-tested certifications and industry standards. ACL Digital product development process is a distinctive approach that applies agile methodologies to hardware and software development.

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Quality & Regulatory

Your medical device needs to meet specific regulatory compliances subject to global and regional standards to successfully pass the medical devices market. ACL Digital's highly qualified and certified engineers strive toward meeting the client, product, and regulatory requirements. Our in-depth experience in healthcare and the MedTech systems, workflows, regulatory and quality compliances (HIPAA, GDPR, CMS, ONC, FDA, ISO) brings 100% focused quality and regulatory results to our clients.

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Cloud & Data Management

Healthcare organizations need to overcome many hurdles like fragmented privacy regulations, data sources, and data quality issues to effectively leverage data and analytics. ACL Digital has a strong capability around data warehousing, big data, data quality tools, and FHIR standards to provide you with specialized healthcare data management products and solutions for MedTech companies.

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Connectivity & Interoperability

Data interoperability is a crucial component for connected health systems to exchange health data generated by clinical systems, EHR, medical devices, and wearable devices. ACL Digital has developed robust interoperability capabilities by building accelerators to help our customers. Additionally, we have the expertise in implementing the interoperability standards FHIR, HL7, CDA, DICOM, consumer devices, IoMT, and other Healthcare IT systems to develop connected health platforms for the Medtech industry.

IoT Adoption

Internet of Medical Things 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has motivated companies to develop ‘Smart’ healthcare systems for early diagnosis, prevention of spread, education, and treatment of many diseases. From ventilators and MRI scanners to pregnancy testing kits to respirators, ACL Digital assists organizations in facilitating the most delinquent in care and digital medicine with proven expertise in applying cutting-edge IoMT, AI, and mobile technologies. Implementing IoMT will ensure considerable cost reduction, better patient experience, and digital healthcare systems leverage technology to have a flawless and smooth digital connection with the patient for better care.

Remote Medical Assistance

Remote Medical Assistance

Telehealth is overcoming most hurdles to patient discomfort. It is now possible to develop IoT solutions in healthcare to monitor the patient health and data history via any remote devices. ACL Digital offers connected application development for health & fitness tracking (Mobile & Web) to generate alerts and extract and send information to the cloud with support for predictive analysis and remote health monitoring applications. The solutions we provide include an integrated platform to enable all healthcare stakeholders and empower patients with self-service options to reach their healthcare objectives.

Patient Vital Analysis (1)

Patient Vital Analysis

Patient monitoring has never been so essential, and healthcare providers are persistently striving to improve patient care through remote monitoring. You need to have a clinical study of the most vital signs to detect and monitor health problems. ACL Digital can use data engineering on patient vitals and apply innovative technologies on the cloud such as AI and ML to identify and suggest proactive health procedures for each patient. We have in-depth expertise with tools like QP state machine framework, VectorCast, requirement traceability, and code coverage of more than 95%.

Experience of Smart Care


ACL Digital has experience developing complex class II electromechanical medical devices ranging from economical, disposable wearables to free-standing diagnostic instruments. We help our customers design and develop effective medical devices. From conceptualization through transfer to production planning for 510 (k) to meet the specific goals while identifying and mitigating risk throughout the program and product life cycle. Our capabilities include:




  • Patient monitoring
  • Hand-held devices
  • Robotic surgical systems & accessories
  • Surgical navigation
  • Implantable devices
  • Maternal/infant care




  • Diagnostics instrumentation
  • Disposables
  • Process automation
  • Sample handling
  • Imaging systems
  • Drug delivery
  • Wearables

Why ACL Digital?

ACL Digital’s engineering team has proven experience working on many medical devices including implantable devices, complex electromechanical devices, and more.


  • Over two decades of experience in medical devices with multiple products developed from innovation and design to launch.
  • Preferred and reliable medical device practice with in-depth knowledge of Healthcare.
  • A complete partner for MedTech and life sciences companies in all stages of product development, testing, medical regulations, and large-scale manufacturing.
  • ACL Digital has strong expertise in medical regulation pre-compliance design and testing. (ISO 14971, IEC 62304, FDA, HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST NIST, HITRUST CSF, FHIR, EU-U.S. & Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, and IEC).
  • ACL Digital has built customized frameworks and solutions to enhance and improve the acceleration and verification of medical devices.
  • Proven outcomes with substantial cost benefits and enhanced product performance for customers.

Related Offerings

The MedTech sector is experiencing extraordinary transformation. ACL Digital is a preferred engineering partner for some leading companies to drive their long-term technology and strategic initiatives. We use deep industry experience and customized solutions to turn challenges into exciting opportunities. Our range of related offerings includes:

Hardware Engineering

ACL Digital offers hardware engineering services & solutions, including the design and development of complex, smaller, faster, dependable, and cost-effective solutions.

User Experience

Bring successful and efficient digital products to life with the help of creative user experience design solutions. You can depend on ACL Digital for end-to-end UX design services.

Platform Engineering

From digital transformation to serverless execution architecture, ACL Digital offers end-to-end platform and product engineering services to help customers achieve the best values.