Today, health equity turns out to be a top priority for every healthcare company that is serious about health outcomes. Site care is rushing from healthcare facilities, and because of the possibilities, it has reached our homes. Data and analytics facilitate superior agility and innovation in healthcare, and the competition is moving ahead with different industry players.

Delivering patient-centric value is the competitive advantage for healthcare payers and providers across the globe. ACL Digital’s technology experts have the in-depth industry experience to help customers develop transformation solutions to address their most critical issues and deliver exceptional value for payers and providers. You can count on us to generate tailored healthcare business solutions to suit your situation and needs.

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Remote Healthcare Solutions

Remote healthcare solutions have helped providers connect with patients and assist patients in getting in touch with the providers from the comfort of their homes. Remote healthcare also has many integrations such as wearables and other devices through which the vital details of the patients are regularly monitored, and immediate care is provided by alerting the provider if there is any discrepancy. HOSPICE and Long-term care also help the elderly get timely and necessary care services.

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Care Management

The Care Management modules assist patients and their caregivers in managing chronic conditions more effectively. The patient-centred approach will help care managers to monitor the patients closely. It provides necessary care, and the managers can document health conditions by looking through the patient’s history.

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Web Portals

Portals can be stand-alone or integrated with systems that help observe patients from a single platform. Patient and Physician portals assist in mutual communications, send, and receive medical records, share medical documents with the patients, and have a repository of necessary documents. The Portals for payers helps in reassuring their plans and guide the users on choosing the right plan for them. Our experts offer user-friendly portals and customizable options built with the latest technology.

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Analytics and Process Automation 

Analytical dashboards help businesses predict their future and analyse the trends. Analytics plays a vital role in streamlining a process and help set a road map for the organization. The automation specialists at ACL Digital assist the hospitals and health organizations in automating various processes like scheduling, check-ins and check-outs, kiosks for appointment scheduling, insurance process automation. The automation of these processes help in delivering the care fast and in a simplified way with no errors and human intervention.

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Interoperability Solutions

Interoperability has transformed the healthcare domain significantly. As the demand for data increases, the necessity to transfer data on time has become very important. Interoperability is transferring data from one application to the other with specific standards. These standards help maintain the integrity of moving data with utmost security as it contains sensitive and confidential patient information. FHIR is the latest standard that replaces the HL7. FHIR helps build intelligent applications that provide a graphical representation of various FHIR resources within the EHR system.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Payment solutions are applications used for generating, processing, and submitting a claim for payment. The payment solutions help track all the claims submitted, claims paid, claims adjudicated, claims rejected, claims pending authorisation or claims that need resubmission. ACL Digital offers top-class RCM solutions and develops applications capable of generating and submitting claims. An insurance eligibility check is done at the beginning of a process to ensure that patients have the eligibility to proceed with the procedure.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making the healthcare domain more efficient. They also help enhance the life span of humans and improve disease predictability to a great extent. AI and ML ensure appropriate care is provided to patients so that diseases don't turn out chronic. These technologies can also help payers identify patients who have a high chance of getting admitted to the hospital, monitor, and predict the hospital re-admission rate in a particular locality, reasons that could be a potential threat to a community.

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Population Health Management

Population Health Management is the health outcome of a group of people or community. PHM helps improve the overall health of the individuals in a specific geographical area, along with monitoring of health and wellness of that society. The technological advancements have made population health a significant element for payers to keep a close watch on the members. Acl digital helps them send timely notifications for medication adherence, avoid hospital admission, reduce the costs by getting clinical decision support, and opt for cost-friendly procedures.

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Meaningful Use Dashboards and Certifications

Meaningful Use program helps improve the usage of electronic medical records and incentivise the healthcare providers for participating in the program. The Federal Government made many regulations to promote the use of EHR systems. The experts at ACL Digital assist healthcare organizations in certifying their products for meaningful use. We have also developed a real-time, most intuitive dashboard used to see the progress and drill down by patient level to compare and correct their performance. The dashboards are certified, and we provide consulting services to be compliant with the regulations.