Our media monetization services are a unique combination of best-in-class technologies, tools, and practices, empowering organizations to move ahead in a changing business environment.

ACL Digital's Media monetization framework enables M&E companies to improve existing media assets management systems by automating workflows and building the necessary interfaces to content delivery systems.

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We offer comprehensive Media Monetization services including

  • Technology Consulting & Research
    • ACL Digital has the experience and expertise to provide consulting services to recommend media consumption trends and provide personalized Digital transformation roadmaps. We leverage our focused digital studios to deliver a holistic media monetization services solution.
  • Monetization through Media management
    • ACL Digital helps media companies take this first step in their efforts to maximize monetization opportunities via workflow automation or cloud migration of content
  • Monetization through Media delivery
    • We have built solutions that can deliver media to virtually any device while controlling the quality of the service. With experience in application development across multiple devices and platforms, ACL Digital helps customers solve multi-screen multiplatform delivery challenges through transcoding solutions, standards & compliance systems or streaming solutions.
  • OTT application Development
    • ACL Digital has in-depth expertise in cross platform OTT application development on Digital Experience platforms - whether it is podcasts, connected TV platform based on proprietary APIs, or ATSC/DVB based TV platform providing standard compliant APIs