The increase in the number of multiple devices and emergence of new modes/platforms for media consumption has fueled the demand for fresh content. The media companies and houses are constantly challenged to create a unified value proposition to reach out to the connected customers of today. Keeping this in mind, to facilitate a holistic engagement ACL Digital provides differentiated Content and User Experience which are key levers to unlock innovation and value through contextual media applications.

Our NextGen, Connected Digital Experience covers

  • Customer Experience Platforms: Engineering new age experience in media platforms
  • Business and Technology Strategy: Deliver E2E multi-channel enablement roadmap comprising digital consulting, advisory
  • Usability & Information Design: E2E web, mobile experience
  • IT Strategy & Architecture to provide Technology roadmap
  • Customer Experience and Design Thinking Workshops
  • Customer Offerings Analysis: Product and Services evaluation
  • Customer Journey mapping
Overview-NextGen, Connected Digital Experience