The Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) is a set of data plane libraries that optimize the data path, enabling the creation of purpose-built user space applications that can scale in performance beyond what native Linux can offer.

ACL Digital leverages the DPDK to design and develop virtual appliances with significantly higher performance and scalability on the latest IA platforms. We help network equipment manufacturers and telecom operators in DPDK-based virtual appliance development, optimization, deployment, and operations and maintenance phases in NFV projects.

Overview-DPDK Consulting

DPDK Consulting Services

ACL Digital provides a complete range of professional services from the proof-of-concept stage to service roll-out and service desk implementation.

DPDK Evaluation

  • Technology evaluation
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Architecture and design consultation
  • Setup and training

DPDK Implementation

  • Product re-engineering
  • Virtual Appliance (VA) development
  • NFV orchestration
  • Scenario-based testing

DPDK Deployment

  • Virtual appliance staging in Telco data center
  • Integration with OSS/BSS and SDN controller (if applicable)
  • End-to-end service validation

DPDK Operations & Maintenance Services

  • Service roll-out management
  • Provisioning and configuration management
  • Service monitoring and configuration
  • L2/L3 technical support


WireZAP - Soft Micro Hub Solution

WireZAP is a best-in-class, ultra-low latency, super-scalable soft micro hub solution targeting safety use cases in critical facilities. ACL Digital’s unique DPDK-based solution runs as a microservice or virtual machine.

The high-speed white-box multiplexer/demultiplexer delivers high-end networking performance, supports super scalable throughput, and minimizes latencies down to a few hundred nanoseconds, roughly an order of 1000 times improvement.