Enterprise and Telecommunication service providers are deploying multi cluster applications in a Hybrid cloud environment. Flexibility, agility, speed and scale of application deployment can be achieved by adopting cloud native architecture. But the legacy network prevent them from realizing end to end benefits for the solution stack. While these applications are deploying in a heterogeneous environment, Network Provisioning should support network automation and cloud native API Service integration.

ACL Digital integrated solution stack enables network and application services to be provisioned automatically and scale up effectively.



Network Automation
-Automated L2-L7 services
-Application Load Balancing
-Application Monitoring
-Auto scaling
-Self- service, multi-tenant network
Development and Testing
-Protocol testing
-Interoperability testing
-Test automation
-API development
-Feature set development
Remote Access Solution (RAS)
-RAS Configuration and Deployment
-Remote Access VPN Configuration
-Open VPN Configuration
-Remote Access Software Development
-Remote Access Appliance Virtualization
Network Security
-Web Application Firewall Deployment
-IPS, IDS & UTM Configuration Management
-Firewall Clustering with virtual Context
-Perimeter security management
-Datacentre Security design & Deployment
Switching & Routing
-Datacentre Switching
-WAN Optimisation & Routing
-LAN switching
-Capacity management
-Performance management