Enterprise and telecommunication service providers deploy multi-cluster applications in a hybrid cloud environment. Adopting cloud-native architecture can achieve flexibility, agility, speed, and scale of application deployment. But the legacy network prevents them from realizing end-to-end benefits for the solution stack. While these applications deploy in a heterogeneous environment, network provisioning should support network automation and cloud-native API Service integration.

ACL Digital's integrated solution stack enables network and application services to be provisioned automatically and scale up effectively.


L2/L7 Networking Offerings

Network Automation

Network Automation

-Automated L2-L7 services
-Application load balancing
-Application monitoring
-Auto scaling
-Self-service, multi-tenant network
Development and Testing

Development and Testing

-Protocol testing
-Interoperability testing
-Test automation
-API development
-Feature set development
Remote Access Solution (RAS)

Remote Access Solution (RAS)

-RAS configuration and deployment
-Remote access VPN configuration
-Open VPN configuration
-Remote access software development
-Remote access appliance virtualization
 Network Security

Network Security

-Web application firewall deployment
-IPS, IDS & UTM configuration management
-Firewall clustering with virtual context
-Perimeter security management
-Data center security design and deployment
Switching & Routing

Switching & Routing

-Data center switching
-WAN optimization and routing
-LAN switching
-Capacity management
-Performance management