Network functions virtualization (NFV) separates network functions from hardware to create virtualized networks that can run on commodity hardware, allowing networks to be more flexible and cost-effective. At the core of NFV are the virtual network functions (VNFs) that handle specific networking functions like firewalls, NAT, or load balancing. Individual VNFs are connected or combined as building blocks by service chaining to create a fully virtualized environment.

ACL Digital has been at the forefront of the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) space, supporting network equipment manufacturers and telecom operators in developing, testing, orchestrating, integrating, and operations support for new VNF deployments. Our industry-standard solutions and in-house developed frameworks serve as accelerators to help customers go to the market faster and achieve business agility and innovation.


Virtual Network Functions (VNF) Offerings

Cloud VPN Gateway

Cloud VPN Gateway

ACL Digital's Virtual Private Network Gateway provides service providers and enterprises with a highly scalable and high-performance IP Sec VPN solution.
Virtual WLAN Controller

Virtual WLAN Controller

Our virtual WLAN controller is a highly scalable and standardized solution for Enterprise Wi-Fi access points and carrier Wi-Fi hotspot management. We ensure optimized network performance and centralized control of wireless deployments.
Virtual CPE

Virtual CPE

ACL Digital's Virtual CPE solution enables service providers to provide their enterprise customers with cloud-based customer premises equipment (CPE) that streamlines numerous network functions like routing, security, VPN, NAT, and WAN optimization.


Virtualization of B-RAS functions offers a high level of flexibility, scalability, and investment protection to broadband service providers. B-RASs running as virtual appliances allows Telcos to deploy products that can support on-demand scalability and flexibility to enable dynamic quality of service and security policy enforcement at a lower cost (TCO).
Virtual Firewall

Virtual Firewall

ACL Digital's virtual firewall framework is a reusable high-performance DPDK-optimized security solution used by Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEM) to develop customized Virtual CPE (vCPE), Firewall, or IDS/IPS solutions for network operators.

Virtual ADC

Virtual ADC

With a section of the market shifting towards Virtual ADCs, ACL Digital is involved in developing, testing, and releasing soft ADC products in VMware ESX/ESXi and KVM environments.

Virtual Network Functions (VNF) Services

VNF Development

  • Architect, Design and Develop VNFs
  • DPDK based VNF Optimization
  • Support for different virtualization architecture
  • Support for different virtual environments

Management & Orchestration

  • VNF lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Multi vendor VNF management and orchestration
  • VNF service orchestration
  • FCAPS and VNF management framework

Benchmarking and Performance Testing

  • Benchmarking VNF performance
  • DPDK based Performance improvement
  • Fast path optimization
  • Benchmarking test labs and certification

VNF Deployment

  • VNF staging and integration
  • VNF deployment in multi-cloud platforms
  • Multi vendor VNF on-boarding
  • VNF deployment in different Hypervisor environment