With the increase in the usage of mobile devices in the enterprise, the demand for WLAN is growing. Wireless infrastructure and mobile devices will account for a high volume of IP traffic. Increased traffic, increased number of connected devices, and high bandwidth demand leads to more operational challenges for telecommunication service providers.

ACL Digital offers WLAN development, enhancement, testing, and maintenance services to device manufacturers, NEMs, and telecommunication service providers.



Enterprise WLAN
-Design, development, and testing
-WLAN mesh node development
-Virtual WLAN controller development
-Fast roaming across switch and router boundaries
Carrier Wi-Fi
-Product development and sustenance
-Implementation of Hotspot features
-Support for new location-based service
3G/4G Radio Access Networks
-WCDMA/LTE baseband protocol implementation
-Interoperability testing
-DPI integration at S-GW/P-GW
-Virtual EPC implementation
Cloud Wi-Fi
-VPN development
-Orchestration and management
-Wi-Fi analytics engine