At ACL Digital, we give you the most suitable and customized design and layout on various analog IPs including sensor interfaces, ADCs, DACs, SMPSs, LDOs, PLLs, temperature sensors, and oscillators & high-speed interface IPs such as DDR PHY, USB 2.0, MIPI PHY, and even power management IPs.

Our team has in-depth expertise in Analog Design and Layout, Memory Design and Layout, Compiler Design and Layout, Standard Cell libraries design, and I/O development. We have worked on data converters, Bandgap references, UVLOs, and almost all predominant armories.

Leveraging our expertise and experience in analog and digital circuit design, we help customers reduce time to market and costs associated with creating integrated circuits. Our team specializes in technology porting analog IPs and high-speed interface IPs such as USB, DDR, SERDES, and more. As part of our analog design and layout services, we enable our customers to build:

  • Power management blocks
  • IP solutions
  • Regulators
  • Data converters
  • Clock system design
  • High-speed iOS
Overview-Analog and Memory Design

Analog Mixed Signal Design and Memory Design Services

Memory Design and Layout

  • Single/Multi-Port
  • SRAM
  • Register Files
  • Mask Progg ROM
  • TCAM
  • Pseudo DP RF
  • Asynchronous RF

Analog Design and Layout

  • PLL Design
  • LVDS Design
  • LDO Design
  • Bandgap Design
  • DC to DC Converter

Standard Cell

  • High Speed Lib
  • High Density Lib
  • Low Power Lib
  • Multichannel Lib
  • Multi-VT Lib

I/O Development

  • GPIO Design
  • Low speed I/O Buffer
  • Open drain, CMOS Buffer Design
  • Input Buffer with Hysteresis Design
  • PCI 33 MHz and PCI 66 MHz Design