ACL Digital has over a decade of experience providing hardware and software design, development, and testing services for automotive, industrial control, and solutions around IoT technology. Our technical team has experience in the complete software development lifecycle, with involvement from the requirements analysis stage up to the final release and acceptance of the software.

With experience in various hardware platforms, processor architectures, and real-time OS platforms, ACL Digital can enable embedded system development involving hardware design, software development, and hardware/software integration. With our partner ecosystem, we can facilitate functional prototyping, pre-compliance testing, and volume manufacturing.

The architecture consists of the following components:

System Software

  • BSP, Board-bring up
  • Kernel & Drivers (USB, Camera, IO, Display)

Operating Software

  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • RTOS


  • Custom Applications
  • GUI design


  • ARM, PIC, TI
  • Freescale, custom

Middleware - Multimedia

  • H.264, MPEG4,AAC, MP3, JPEG
  • Open Max, Stagefright, Gstreamer

Middleware - Connectivity

  • BT, Wifi, NFC
  • Zigbee & GPS