In industrial control, ACL Digital focuses on designing and developing products for use in automation and control, such as PLC, data acquisition systems, industrial safety systems, Motion controllers, and others. We have hardware design, embedded software development, and enclosure design expertise and can deliver complete products certified for operation under specific environmental conditions. With our expertise in horizontal technologies such as DSP, image processing, machine vision, and others, we can support the implementation of solutions for end-of-line testing in manufacturing for validation and quality assurance.

  • Programmable logic controllers for industrial control systems, irrespective of the size of an operation
  • A combination of expertise in embedded technologies and industrial control domains
  • Familiarity with the quality standards for operation under extreme environmental conditions to deliver products tested for compliance
  • Engineering support for the design and development of reliable PLCs and data acquisition systems
Overview-Industrial Control

Our Semiconductor Expertise in Industrial Safety Systems


Icon - Knowledge of Industry wide protocols

Knowledge of industry-wide protocols

Icon - Customer specific solution blueprints to validate ideas

Customer specific solution blueprints to validate ideas

Icon - Idea to production support

Idea to production support


Icon - Complete product development experience – Certified to Atex level

Complete product development experience – certified to Atex level

Icon - Predictive Maintenance solutions for increase production up times

Predictive maintenance solutions for increased production up times

Icon - High Information Accuracy and Increased Productivity

High-information accuracy and increased productivity