ACL Digital has experienced technical experts in all areas, from RTL to GDSII. We have well-established internal processes, methodologies, and workflows to work on any specification or an existing design and execute the complete RTL design, integration, verification, STA-Synthesis, physical design, and DFT to tape out an entire SoC (System on Chip) design.

Quality and functional integrity are our priorities. To achieve this, we have our processes, project management team, an expert senior core team, and one of the best engineering teams with experience taping out multiple designs.

  • Ability to tape out a complete SoC (System on Chip)
  • Comprehensive SoC services: design, plan, and execute the RTL integration, IP and SoC verification, STA and Synthesis, Physical Design, and DFT
  • A team of senior technical experts in all the areas from RTL to GDSII
  • Well-proven internal workflows and best practices
Overview-Semiconductor Solution


Icon - One stop solution for all your chip design requirements

One-stop solution for all your chip design requirements

Icon - End-to-end chip design services

End-to-end chip design services

Icon - Engineers with multi decade tape out experience

Engineers with multi-decade tape out experience


Icon - Team with experience in 5nm 10nm14n 22n 28n 40nmtechnology nodes

Team with experience in 5nm, 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 22nm, 28nm, 40nm technology nodes

Icon - Full Chip High Speed SOC and block level implementation offerings

Full chip high-speed SoC and block-level implementation offerings